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Corporate Profile and Independent Ratings


Walmart Inc., previously Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Wal-Mart) operates retail stores in various formats around the world. The Company earns the trust of its customers every day by providing an assortment of merchandise and services at every day low prices (EDLP), while fostering a culture that rewards and embraces mutual respect, integrity and diversity. Wal-Mart's operations comprise three business segments: Wal-Mart Stores, Sam's Club and International. Its Wal-Mart Stores segment is the largest segment of the Company's business, and operates stores in three different formats in the United States, as well as Wal-Mart's online retail operations, walmart.com. Its Sam's Club segment consists of membership warehouse clubs in the United States and the segment's online retail operations, samsclub.com. In January 2009, it acquired 57% of D&S SA. It is the NYSE's largest Broadline retailer by market capitalisation.

Independent Ratings

+    Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP):
Walmart Inc. is one of 181 companies selected by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in their A List 2019. The CDP names the world's most pioneering companies leading on environmental transparency and performance.
+    Fortune 500:
It was ranked 1 by total revenues in the Fortune 500 annual list for 2017; unchanged over a year from the same rank 1 in 2013.
+    Newsweek 500:
It was ranked 280 by Newsweek and Corporate Knights Capital in the World's 500 Greenest Companies 2016. It had outstanding scores of 6.4% in Carbon productivity.
+    PwC 100:
It was ranked 12 by MCap as at March 31, 2015 by PwC in the Top 100 Global companies; a deterioration over 6 years from rank 3 as at March 31, 2009.
+    Forbes 2000:
It is the largest by revenue in the Forbes Global 2000.
+    FT 500:
It is the largest by revenue in the FT Global 500.
+    Fortune's Change of the World list 50:
It was ranked 4 out of 50 companies in the Fortune's Change of the World list 2015.

Contact Details

Physical Address702 South West 8th Street,Bentonville,AR,72716
Phone+1 479 273-4000
Fax+1 479 277-1830

Industry & Sector

Classification LevelName of Sector
Economic SectorConsumer Non-Cyclicals
Business SectorFood & Drug Retailing
Industry GroupFood & Drug Retailing
IndustryFood Retail & Distribution

North American Industry Classification System [NAICS]

Code: 452112
Industry Title: Discount Department Stores

Financials FY 2021, Past 10 Years

Annual Report (FY 2021): Key Parameters

Walmart Net Profit down 9.2%
Release Date: March 19, 2021
Walmart (NYSE:WMT) reported net profit for the year-ended 31 January 2021 [FY2021] of $13.5b, down 9.2% from $14.9b in the previous year [FY2020]. Earnings per share (EPS) were down 8.6% from $5.22 in FY2020 to $4.77 in FY2021.

Major changes compared with previous year (FY2021 vs FY2020):
Favourable Changes:
- Total revenue up 6.7% from $524.0b to $559.2b
- Debt to Equity down 19.1% from 0.9 to 0.7
- Current ratio up 22.8% from 0.8 to 1.0
- Total current assets to Total Assets up from 26.1% to 35.7%
- Total Liabilities to Operating Cash Flow of 4.6 compares favourably with the Joseph Piotroski benchmark of <4. This ratio has improved by 25.6% from the previous year's ratio of 6.1.
Unfavourable Changes:
- Net profit down 9.2% from $14.9b to $13.5b
- EPS down 8.6% from $5.22 to $4.77
- EBIT Margin down from 3.9% to 3.7%
- EBIT to total assets down from 8.5% to 8.1%
- Profit before tax to Sales down from 3.9% to 3.7%
- Total non-current assets to Total Assets down from 73.9% to 64.3%
- Fixed Assets to Total Assets down from 44.5% to 36.5%
- Total Liabilities to EBITDA of 8.0 compares unfavourably with the Joseph Piotroski benchmark of <5. This ratio has deteriorated by 4.2% from the previous year's ratio of 7.7.
- Cost of Goods Sold to Sales down from 75.9% to 75.7%
- Tax expenses to Sales up from 0.9% to 1.2%
- Total liabilities to Total assets steady at 0.7
- Retained earnings to total assets steady at 35.1%
- Intangibles to Total Assets down from 22.4% to 18.5%
- Current Inventory to Total Assets down from 18.8% to 17.8%
Annual growth in Revenue, Net Profit and EPS
Year-ended31 January [FY/2021]31 January [FY/2020]
Revenue, $ Billion559524
Growth in Revenue %6.71.9
Net Profit, $ Billion13.514.9
Growth in Net Profit %-9.2123.1
EPS, $4.775.22
Growth in EPS %-8.6128.9

Year-on-year comparison of Performance Ratios [FY2021 vs FY2020]
January 31FY2021FY2020Change (%)
Return on Equity (%)15.718.6Down 15.6
Return on Assets (%)5.46.4Down 15.6
Total debt to net tangible assets (%)154.6252.9Down 38.9
Total Liabilities to Operating Cash Flow4.66.1Down 25.6
Debt/Equity0.70.9Down 19.1
Total Liabilities/Total Assets (Down 1.5% from 0.66 to 0.65)0.70.7Down 1.5
Common Size Ratios by Assets %
Total non-current assets to Total Assets 64.3 73.9 Down 13.0
Fixed Assets to Total Assets 36.5 44.5 Down 18.0
Total current assets to Total Assets 35.7 26.1 Up 36.6
Intangibles to Total Assets 18.5 22.4 Down 17.3
Current Inventory to Total Assets 17.8 18.8 Down 5.3
Common Size Ratios by Sales %
Cost of Goods Sold to Sales 75.7 75.9 Down 0.3
Sales and marketing expenses to Sales 20.9 20.9 Down 0.1
Profit before tax to Sales 3.7 3.9 Down 4.4
Tax expenses to Sales 1.2 0.9 Up 26.9

Five-year record of growth and performance:
In the last 5 years Total Revenue averaged $516.7B, EBITDA averaged $18B and Net Profit averaged $12.2B. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) averaged 3.0% for Total Revenue, -1.7% for Net Profit and -1.0% for EBITDA.
DescriptionAnnual ($ B)5-year Avg ($ B)5-year CAGR %
Total Revenue559.2516.73
Operating Profit20.618(1)
Net Profit13.512.2(1.7)

Five-year record of EBITDA, Operating Profit, Net Profit, ROE, ROA and ROCE
In 2021 Net Profit Margin of 2.5% was above its 5-year Avg of 2.4% (All Figures in %)
Description20215-year Avg
EBITDA Margin3.73.5
Operating Profit Margin3.73.5
Net Profit Margin2.52.4
Return on Equity15.714.8
Return on Assets5.45.5
Return on Capital Employed12.912.6

Financial Results as reported (FY 2021)

(In $ Million, except per share data and shares outstanding)

Description$ Million$ Million
Jan 3120212020Change %
Net sales555,233519,926Up 6.8
Membership and other income3,9184,038Down 3.0
Total revenues559,151523,964Up 6.7
Costs and expenses:
Cost of sales420,315394,605Up 6.5
Operating, selling, general and administrative expenses116,288108,791Up 6.9
Operating income22,54820,568Up 9.6
Debt1,9762,262Down 12.6
Finance, capital lease and financing obligations339337Up 0.6
Interest income-121-189Reduced 36.0
Interest, net2,1942,410Down 9.0
Other (gains) and losses-210-1,958Improved 89.3
Income before income taxes20,56420,116Up 2.2
Provision for income taxes6,8584,915Up 39.5
Consolidated net income13,70615,201Down 9.8
Consolidated net income attributable to noncontrolling interest-196-320Improved 38.8
Consolidated net income attributable to Walmart13,51014,881Down 9.2
Net income per common share:
Basic net income per common share attributable to Walmart$4.77$5.22Down 8.6
Diluted net income per common share attributable to Walmart$4.75$5.19Down 8.5
Weighted-average common shares outstanding:
Basic2,831,000,0002,850,000,000Down 0.7
Diluted2,847,000,0002,868,000,000Down 0.7
Dividends declared per common share2.162.12Up 1.9
Consolidated net income13,70615,201Down 9.8
Consolidated net income attributable to noncontrolling interest-196-320Improved 38.8
Consolidated net income attributable to Walmart13,51014,881Down 9.2
Other comprehensive income (loss), net of income taxes
Currency translation and other842286Up 194.4
Net investment hedges-221122Deterioration
Cash flow hedges235-399Recovery
Minimum pension liability-30-1,244Improved 97.6
Other comprehensive income (loss), net of income taxes826-1,235Recovery
Other comprehensive (income) loss attributable to noncontrolling interest213-28Recovery
Other comprehensive income (loss) attributable to Walmart1,039-1,263Recovery
Comprehensive income, net of income taxes14,53213,966Up 4.1
Comprehensive (income) loss attributable to noncontrolling interest17-348Recovery
Comprehensive income attributable to Walmart14,54913,618Up 6.8

Description$ Million$ Million
Jan 3120212020Change %
Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents17,7419,465Up 87.4
Receivables, net6,5166,284Up 3.7
Inventories44,94944,435Up 1.2
Prepaid expenses and other20,8611,622Up 1,186.1
Total current assets90,06761,806Up 45.7
Property and equipment, net92,201105,208Down 12.4
Operating lease right-of-use assets13,64217,424Down 21.7
Finance lease right-of-use assets, net4,0054,417Down 9.3
Goodwill28,98331,073Down 6.7
Other long-term assets23,59816,567Up 42.4
162,429174,689Down 7.0
Total assets252,496236,495Up 6.8
Current liabilities:
Short-term borrowings224575Down 61.0
Accounts payable49,14146,973Up 4.6
Accrued liabilities37,96622,296Up 70.3
Accrued income taxes242280Down 13.6
Long-term debt due within one year3,1155,362Down 41.9
Operating lease obligations due within one year1,4661,793Down 18.2
Finance lease obligations due within one year491511Down 3.9
Total current liabilities92,64577,790Up 19.1
Long-term debt41,19443,714Down 5.8
Long-term operating lease obligations12,90916,171Down 20.2
Long-term finance lease obligations3,8474,307Down 10.7
Deferred income taxes and other14,37012,961Up 10.9
72,32077,153Down 6.3
Commitments and contingencies
Common stock282284Down 0.7
Capital in excess of par value3,6463,247Up 12.3
Retained earnings88,76383,943Up 5.7
Accumulated other comprehensive loss-11,766-12,805Improved 8.1
Total Walmart shareholders' equity80,92574,669Up 8.4
Noncontrolling interest6,6066,883Down 4.0
Total equity87,53181,552Up 7.3
Total liabilities and equity252,496236,495Up 6.8

Description$ Million$ Million
Jan 3120212020Change %
Cash flows from operating activities:
Consolidated net income13,70615,201Down 9.8
Adjustments to reconcile consolidated net income to net cash provided by operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization11,15210,987Up 1.5
Net unrealized and realized (gains) and losses-8,589-1,886Deterioration 355.4
Losses on disposal of business operations8,40115Up 55,906.7
Asda pension contribution-1,036
Deferred income taxes1,911320Up 497.2
Other operating activities1,5211,981Down 23.2
Changes in certain assets and liabilities, net of effects of acquisitions and dispositions:
Receivables, net-1,086154Deterioration
Inventories-2,395-300Deterioration 698.3
Accounts payable6,966-274Recovery
Accrued liabilities4,623186Up 2,385.5
Accrued income taxes-136-93Deterioration 46.2
Net cash provided by operating activities36,07425,255Up 42.8
Cash flows from investing activities:
Payments for property and equipment-10,264-10,705Improved 4.1
Proceeds from the disposal of property and equipment215321Down 33.0
Proceeds from the disposal of certain operations56833Down 93.3
Payments for business acquisitions, net of cash acquired-180-56Deterioration 221.4
Other investing activities102479Down 78.7
Net cash used in investing activities-10,071-9,128Deterioration 10.3
Cash flows from financing activities:
Net change in short-term borrowings-324-4,656Improved 93.0
Proceeds from issuance of long-term debt5,492
Repayments of long-term debt-5,382-1,907Deterioration 182.2
Dividends paid-6,116-6,048Deterioration 1.1
Purchase of Company stock-2,625-5,717Improved 54.1
Dividends paid to noncontrolling interest-434-555Improved 21.8
Other financing activities-1,236-908Deterioration 36.1
Net cash used in financing activities-16,117-14,299Deterioration 12.7
Effect of exchange rates on cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash235-69Recovery
Net increase in cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash10,1211,759Up 475.4
Cash and cash equivalents reclassified as assets held for sale-1,848
Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at beginning of year9,5157,756Up 22.7
Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at end of year17,7889,515Up 86.9
Supplemental disclosure of cash flow information:
Income taxes paid5,2713,616Up 45.8
Interest paid2,2162,464Down 10.1

Download WALMART Financials Past 10 Years

Description (January 31)2021202020192018201720162015201420132012
Income Statement
Revenue per share 196.4182.69174.37166.23156.13149.87149.75145.08138.29128.66
Other Revenue (B)3.944.14.63.4
EBITDA (B)3435.736.234.7
Depreciation (B)
EBIT (B)22.926.927.726.6
Interest (B)
Profit before tax (B)20.524.725.724.4
Tax (B)
Net profit (B)13.514.96.79.913.614.716.4161715.7
EPS 4.775.
Balance Sheet
Equity Share Capital (B)80.974.772.577.975.177.576.971.270.966.9
Retained Earnings (B)88.883.980.874.989.49085.876.67368.7
Total Debt (B)63.272.451.439.739.95050.256.654.153.4
Total Assets (B)252.5236.5219.3204.5198.8199.6203.5204.8203.1193.4
Current Asset (B)90.161.861.959.757.760.263.361.259.955
Fixed Asset (B)92.2105.2104.3107.7114.2110.2114.3115.4113.92.7
Working Capital (B)(2.6)(16)(15.6)(18.9)(9.2)(4.4)(2)(8.2)(11.9)(7.3)
Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow (B)36.125.327.828.331.727.428.623.325.624.3
Investing Cash Flow (B)(10.1)(9.1)(24)(9.1)(14)(10.7)(11.1)(12.3)(12.6)(16.6)
Financing Cash Flow (B)(16.1)(14.3)(2.5)(19.9)(19.1)(16.1)(15.1)(11)(12)(8.5)
Net Cash Flow 9.9 B1.8 B1.2 B(617 M)(1.4 B)592 M2.4 B(58 M)1 B(812 M)

Tax & Dividend

Average Income Tax Paid (Past 5 Years)

In the past 5 years, Income Tax as % of profit before tax increased from 30.3% to 33.3% and Income Tax as % of operating cash flow increased from 27.1% to 33.3%.
Description202120202019201820175-yr avg10-yr avg
As % of profit before tax33.324.437.430.430.331.231.5
As % of operating cash flow33.324.437.430.427.130.527.4

Dividend History

In the past 5 years annual dividends have increased by 16.0c from 202.0c to 218.0c. Based on a start date of 5 years ago, there has been no decline in dividends over the last 5 years.
DateValue (c)Type
06 May 202155Quarterly
18 Mar 202155Quarterly
10 Dec 202054Quarterly
13 Aug 202054Quarterly
Tr 12 Months218
2019 - 2020214
2018 - 2019210
2017 - 2018206
2016 - 2017202

Board of Directors

Board and Management

NameDesignationSince Appointment
Doug McMillonChief Executive Officer, President, Director7 Yrs
Greg PennerNon-Executive Chairman, Director5 Yrs, 11 Mos
Brett BiggsChief Financial Officer5 Yrs, 4 Mos
Marissa A. MayerDirector-
S. Robson WaltonDirector-
Carla A. HarrisDirector-
Timothy P. FlynnDirector-
Randall StephensonDirector-
Tom HortonDirector-
Steven S. ReinemundDirector-
Cesar CondeIndependent Director-
Steuart L. WaltonIndependent Director-
Sarah J. FriarIndependent Director-
Donna MorrisExecutive Vice President, Chief People Officer-
Dan BartlettExecutive Vice President-
Kathryn J McLayExecutive Vice President-
Rachel BrandCorporate Secretary, Executive Vice President, Global Governance3 Yrs, 3 Mos

Resignations in the past 4 years

NameDesignationDate of Resignation
David M. ChojnowskiSenior Vice President31 January 2018
Steven P. WhaleySenior Vice President31 December 2016


Doug McMillon
CEO & President & Director
Under Doug's leadership, Walmart is making life easier for busy families and building trust with customers. It is investing heavily in associate wages, benefits and education-including a debt-free, dollar-a-day college program and an expanded parental leave policy. And, it launched an ambitious program, Project Gigaton, to combat climate change and work with suppliers to avoid 1 billion metric tons of emissions worldwide.
Doug is a longtime champion of Walmart's customers, its associates and the company's culture. He was named president and CEO in 2014. From 2009 to 2014 he was president and CEO of Walmart International, and from 2005 to 2009 he served as president and CEO of Sam's Club. He has worked at Walmart for nearly 30 years, starting as a teenager unloading trucks for an hourly wage. He went on to serve in senior leadership roles in all of Walmart's business segments. He remains a merchant at heart.
Doug is the chairman of the Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of America's leading companies. He serves on the boards of directors of the Consumer Goods Forum, the U.S.-China Business Council and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. He also sits on the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board and the advisory board of the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing, China.
Originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas, Doug graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor's degree in business administration, and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Tulsa.
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Walmart:
Year of appointment: 2014
In the last 5 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 20.3%. The present value of $1,000 (PV1000) invested 5 years ago is now $2,518, a gain of $1,233 and dividend reinvested of $285.

Greg Penner
Non-Executive Chairman & Director
Greg Penner is founder and general partner of Madrone Capital Partners, an investment management firm located in Menlo Park, Calif. Elected as chairman of the Walmart Board of Directors in 2015, Penner is only the third person to serve in the position, following his father-in-law, Rob Walton, and company founder Sam Walton.
Over a 20-year period, Penner has worked with Walmart in a number of capacities, including as senior vice president and chief financial officer in Japan and senior vice president of finance and strategy for walmart.com. He was first elected to the Walmart board in 2008 and has served as a member on the Strategic Planning & Finance Committee and as chairman of the Technology & eCommerce Committee.
Previously, Penner also worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and as a general partner of Peninsula Capital. Penner has been a member of the board of directors of Baidu, Inc., since 2004 and previously served on the board of directors of Hyatt Hotels Corporation from 2007 to 2014.
Penner earned a B.S. in International Economics from Georgetown University in 1992 and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1997.
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Walmart:
Date of appointment: June 05, 2015
In the last 5 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 20.3%. The present value of $1,000 (PV1000) invested 5 years ago is now $2,518, a gain of $1,233 and dividend reinvested of $285.

Brett Biggs
Brett Biggs is executive vice president and chief financial officer for Walmart. He is responsible for accounting and control, corporate strategy and development, business planning and analysis, internal auditing, treasury, tax, global shared services and several other key areas of the company.
Before being appointed to his current role, he was executive vice president and chief financial officer for Walmart International, where he was responsible for all global finance activities, including accounting and controls, business planning and analysis, financial services and support for real estate, mergers and acquisitions and strategy. Prior to that, Brett served as executive vice president and chief financial officer for Walmart U.S., where he was responsible for U.S. finance functions, including strategy, merchandising, logistics, financial services, real estate, operations and financial planning and analysis.
Previously, Brett was senior vice president, International Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. In this capacity, he led the strategy and execution for Walmart's entry into Japan and India, as well as acquisitions and partnerships in China, the U.K., Brazil and Central America. He has also served as senior vice president, Corporate Finance, in which he led Walmart's treasury operations and capital markets functions, including managing global banking relationships. He was then promoted to chief financial officer, Sam's Club, leading the finance and strategy functions. Following this role, he served as senior vice president of operations for Sam's Club. In this role, he led all facets of Sam's Club operations in the southern part of the U.S., encompassing 13 states and Puerto Rico, with more than 230 clubs and 40,000 associates.
Prior to joining Walmart in 2000, Brett held various M&A and corporate finance positions with Leggett & Platt, Phillips Petroleum Co. and Price Waterhouse.
Brett is involved in various civic functions, including serving on the board of directors for MANA, a nonprofit group focused on acute malnutrition in African children. Brett also serves on the Cancer Challenge Board and is a former member of the board of The First Tee of Northwest Arkansas.
Brett graduated summa cum laude from Harding University with a bachelor's degree in accounting and later received a MBA with honors from Oklahoma State University. He serves in various advisory roles at Harding University.
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Walmart:
Date of appointment: December 31, 2015
In the last 5 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 20.3%. The present value of $1,000 (PV1000) invested 5 years ago is now $2,518, a gain of $1,233 and dividend reinvested of $285.

Randall Stephenson
Randall retired in January of 2021 as Executive Chairman of the Board of AT&T Inc. Prior to that he was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T and served in that capacity from 2007 until July 2020, having also served as President from 2007 through September 2019. He held a variety of high-level finance, operational and marketing positions with AT&T, including serving as Chief Operating Officer from 2004 until his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in 2007 and as Chief Financial Officer from 2001 to 2004. He began his career with AT&T in 1982.
Randall received his B.S. in accounting from Central State University (now known as the University of Central Oklahoma) and earned his Master of Accountancy degree from the University of Oklahoma. He has served on the board of directors of Boys Scouts of America since 2005, including as chairman of the board from 2016 to 2018, and the PGA Tour since 2012. He was chairman of the Business Roundtable from 2014 to 2016.

Carla A. Harris
Joined the Board: 2017 Committees: Compensation and Management Development; Strategic Planning and Finance
Carla is the Vice Chair, Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley and the Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor. In these roles, she is responsible for increasing client connectivity to enhance revenue generation across the firm. Carla joined the mergers and acquisitions team at Morgan Stanley in 1987 and during her tenure has held a number of positions. Her experiences at Morgan Stanley range from investment banking, equity capital markets, equity private placements, and initial public offerings in a number of industries such as technology, media, retail, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare and biotechnology.
In August 2013, President Obama appointed Carla to serve as Chair of the National Women's Business Council. She currently serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations including Sponsors for Educational Opportunity and the Morgan Stanley Foundation. Carla also serves on the Board of Overseers of Harvard University.

Timothy P. Flynn
Joined the Board: 2012 Committee: Audit (Chair); Strategic Planning and Finance
Tim was chairman of KPMG International from 2007 until his retirement in October 2011. He also served as chairman from 2005 to 2010 and chief executive officer from 2005 to 2008 of KPMG LLP, the U.S. and largest member firm of KPMG International.
Tim serves as a member of the board of directors of JPMorgan Chase & Co., United Healthcare, and Alcoa Corporation. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn. He has previously served as a member of the board of directors of the Chubb Corporation from 2013 until the acquisition of the Chubb Corporation by ACE Limited in January 2016. He also served as a trustee of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, a member of the World Economic Forum's International Business Council, and was a founding member of The Prince of Wales' International Integrated Reporting Committee.

Marissa A. Mayer
Joined the Board: 2012 Committees: Compensation and Management Development; Technology and eCommerce
Marissa is the former president and CEO of Yahoo! From July 2012 to June 2017, Ms. Mayer led Yahoo!'s focus as a guide to digital information discovery and has helmed Yahoo!'s digital advertising strategy. Under her leadership, Yahoo! grew to serve over 1 billion users worldwide, with over 600 million mobile users. Prior to joining Yahoo! Ms. Mayer spent 13 years at Google Inc., where she led various initiatives such as Google Maps, Gmail and Google News.
She has a bachelor's degree in symbolic systems and a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University. She served on the board of Yahoo! from 2012 to 2017, and from 2013 to 2016 she served on the board of AliphCom, which operates as Jawbone. She also serves on the boards of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Ballet, and on the foundation board for the Forum of Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum.

Tom Horton
Joined the board: 2014 Committee: Audit; Strategic Planning and Finance (Chair); Nominating and Governance
Tom is a senior advisor in the Industrial and Business Services Group of Warburg Pincus LLC, a private equity firm focusing on growth investing. He was the chairman of American Airlines Group, Inc., from 2013 to 2014. He was chairman, president and chief executive officer of American Airlines, Inc., and AMR Corporation from 2011 to 2013, after being named president of American in 2010. During that time, he led American through a successful restructuring and turnaround that culminated in the merger with US Airways, creating the world's largest airline. Previously, he served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of AMR and American from 2006 to 2010, and vice chairman and chief financial officer of AT&T Corporation from 2002 to 2006. Prior to joining AT&T, he was senior vice president and chief financial officer of AMR from 2000 to 2002 and served in numerous management positions with AMR since 1985. He joined American Airlines from international accounting partnership firm Peat Marwick & Company, which is now known as KPMG.
Tom earned a master of business administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Baylor University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He serves on the board of directors of Qualcomm, Inc., and the executive board of the Cox School of Business at SMU.

S. Robson Walton
Joined the Board: 1978 Committees: Executive; Global Compensation; Strategic Planning and Finance
Son of Walmart founder, Sam Walton, Rob Walton served as Walmart's chairman of the board of directors from 1992 to 2015.
Rob joined the company in 1969. Prior to becoming chairman, he held a variety of positions with Walmart, including senior vice president, corporate secretary, general counsel and vice chairman. Before joining Walmart, Rob was a partner with the law firm of Conner & Winters in Tulsa, Okla. He is currently involved with a number of nonprofit and educational organizations, including Conservation International, where he serves as chairman of the executive committee, and the College of Wooster, where he is an Emeritus Life Trustee.
Forbes Billionaires Ranking:
S. Robson Walton was ranked 19 in the Forbes Billionaires list in the world for 2021, a deterioration from rank 10 in 2020. According to Forbes, S. Robson Walton's net worth had increased by (9.98%) $5.4 billion to $59.5 billion in 2021.

Steven S. Reinemund
Joined the Board: 2010 Committee: Compensation and Management Development (Chair); Nominating and Governance; Technology and eCommerce
Prior to joining Wake Forest University, Steven had a distinguished 23-year career with PepsiCo, Inc., where he served as chairman of the board from 2006 to 2007, and chairman and CEO from 2001 to 2006. Previously, Steven was PepsiCo's president and chief operating officer from 1999 to 2001 and chairman and CEO of Frito-Lay's worldwide operations from 1996 to 1999.
Steven has served as a director of Exxon Mobil Corporation and Marriott International, Inc., all since 2007. He previously served as a director of Johnson & Johnson from 2003 to 2008 and of American Express Company from 2007 to 2015. He is also a member of the board of trustees for The Cooper Institute. Steven is also a member of the board of directors of Chick-fil-A, Inc., the board of trustees for The Cooper Institute and the United States Naval Academy Foundation

Dan Bartlett
Executive Vice President
Dan Bartlett is executive vice president of corporate affairs for Walmart. He is responsible for government relations and public policy, corporate communications, philanthropy and the company's social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.
Before joining Walmart, Dan was president and chief executive officer of the U.S. division of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where he served as a strategic advisor to business leaders representing key sectors of the American and global economy.
Prior to Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Dan served as president and CEO of Public Strategies, Inc. Previously, he served in several high-ranking positions at the White House, completing his service as counselor to President George W. Bush in July 2007. As one of President Bush's most trusted advisors, he was responsible for all aspects of communications for the president and his administration, including the White House press office, speechwriting and office of communications. Dan also played key roles in George W. Bush's presidential and Texas gubernatorial campaigns.

Donna Morris
Executive Vice President
Donna Morris is executive vice president and chief people officer for Walmart Inc. A member of the executive committee, Donna is responsible for attracting, retaining and developing talent for one of the world's largest private employers.
Donna has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in delivering innovative people solutions, developing and managing teams that operate in an agile way, and helping to build a high-performance culture that promotes diversity and inclusion. Donna joined Walmart from Adobe, where she served as chief human resources officer and executive vice president of employee experience.
A native of Ottawa, Canada, Donna joined Adobe in 2002 and most recently led all aspects of the company's human resources, real estate and security operations. She led a number of workplace-friendly initiatives at Adobe, including expanding its family leave policy and simplifying standard HR processes.
Donna has a bachelor of arts degree in political science from Carleton University. Donna holds the Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), Senior HR Professional (SHRP) and Canadian Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designations. She also serves on the board of directors of Marvell Technology.

Rachel Brand
Corporate Secretary
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Walmart:
Since appointment as Corporate Secretary: The present value of $1,000 invested on the appointment date of February 12, 2018 at close price of $94.09 is $1,590, including a capital gain of $483 and dividend reinvested of $107.

Insider Transaction and Ownership

Shares Held by Insiders as on May 11, 2021

NameShares HeldValue, $
S. Robson Walton1,358,782,490189,618,096,480
Greg Penner549,13276,631,371
Brett Biggs346,94448,416,035
Rachel Brand164,17022,909,924
Dan Bartlett142,46419,880,851
Timothy P. Flynn88,32912,326,312
Steuart L. Walton46,9416,550,617
Marissa A. Mayer32,0814,476,904
Donna Morris27,6613,860,093
Steven S. Reinemund27,0113,769,385
Sarah J. Friar9,4411,317,492
Carla A. Harris9,0621,264,602
Randall Stephenson8,3081,159,381
Cesar Conde4,247592,669

Greg Penner Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Greg Penner now has a beneficial interest in 549,132 Walmart shares worth $76.6 million.
Nature of OwnershipShares HeldValue, $
Equity-Non-Derivative Securities
By spouse482,87867,385,625
Total (Equity)549,13276,631,371

Brett Biggs Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Brett Biggs now has a beneficial interest in 346,944 Walmart shares worth $48.4 million.
Nature of OwnershipShares HeldValue, $
Equity-Non-Derivative Securities
By 401(k)41157,355
Total (Equity)346,94448,416,035

Randall Stephenson Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Randall Stephenson now has a beneficial interest in 8,308 Walmart shares worth $1.2 million.

Carla A. Harris Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Carla A. Harris now has a beneficial interest in 9,062 Walmart shares worth $1.3 million.

Timothy P. Flynn Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Timothy P. Flynn now has a beneficial interest in 88,329 Walmart shares worth $12.3 million.
Nature of OwnershipShares HeldValue, $
Equity-Non-Derivative Securities
By Spouse's Family Trust10,0001,395,500
Total (Equity)88,32912,326,312

Marissa A. Mayer Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Marissa A. Mayer now has a beneficial interest in 32,081 Walmart shares worth $4.5 million.

S. Robson Walton Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
S. Robson Walton now has a beneficial interest in 1,358,782,490 (or 48.0% of) Walmart shares worth $189.6 billion.
Nature of OwnershipShares HeldValue, $
Equity-Non-Derivative Securities
By Limited Liability Company1,000,891,131139,674,357,331
By Trust354,675,36849,494,947,604
Total (Equity)1,358,782,490189,618,096,480

Steven S. Reinemund Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Steven S. Reinemund now has a beneficial interest in 27,011 Walmart shares worth $3.8 million.

Cesar Conde Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Cesar Conde now has a beneficial interest in 4,247 Walmart shares worth $592,669.

Sarah J. Friar Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Sarah J. Friar now has a beneficial interest in 9,441 Walmart shares worth $1.3 million.

Steuart L. Walton Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Steuart L. Walton now has a beneficial interest in 46,941 Walmart shares worth $6.6 million.

Dan Bartlett Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Dan Bartlett now has a beneficial interest in 142,464 Walmart shares worth $19.9 million.

Donna Morris Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Donna Morris now has a beneficial interest in 27,661 Walmart shares worth $3.9 million.

Rachel Brand Shares Held

(Value computed at price $139.55)
Rachel Brand now has a beneficial interest in 164,170 Walmart shares worth $22.9 million.

Insider buying Summary in the past 12 months

NameNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $
Stephenson Randall L [Director]7,725129.61,001,375.5

Stephenson Randall L [Director] Reported Buying In The Past 12 Months

MonthNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $
March 10, 20217725129.61,001,375.5

Walton S Robson [Director] Reported Selling In The Past 12 Months

In the past year shares sold per month averaged 1,003,507.
MonthNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $
Mar '211000000131.9131,921,392.3
Feb '211000000131.0130,989,418.3
Dec '208580000146.21,254,659,141.7
Nov '20710000150.8107,034,613.2
September 29, 2020752085137.2103,182,830.3
Total: Walton S Robson 12,042,085143.51,727,787,395.8

In the 5-year period 2016 to 2020 a total of 118,633,426 shares worth $10.8 billion were sold. In the past 5 years shares sold per year averaged 23,726,685.
YearNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $

Brand Rachel L [Corporate Secretary] Reported Selling In The Past 12 Months

MonthNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $
November 20, 202010000150.01,499,862.0

McMillon C Douglas [CEO] Reported Selling In The Past 12 Months

MonthNo. of SharesPrice, $Value, $
April 23, 20219708141.01,368,929.0

News Archives (Jun 2019 - Feb 2021)


February 21 2020: Walmart announces dividend
Walmart today announced a quarterly dividend of 54.0c per share. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, August 13, 2020 and the record date is Friday, August 14, 2020 and it is payable on Tuesday, September 08.

February 21 2020: Walmart announces dividend
Walmart today announced a quarterly dividend of 54.0c per share. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, December 10 and the record date is Friday, December 11, 2020 and it is payable on Monday, January 04, 2021.


February 08: Walmart Connect Ramps Up On-Site Offerings with Upcoming Launch of Display Self-Serve Platform and Acquisition of Thunder Advertising Technology
Last week was exciting for our media business, now named Walmart Connect. We know we have a big opportunity to serve clients in a way no one else can - as a closed-loop omnichannel media company. We're focused on expanding our offerings to create measurable value for our partners and customers alike in our stores, on our digital properties and across the internet. To do that, we have to offer an easy to use platform to enhance connections between brands and customers at scale.
Source: Company Website

2nd October 2020 - Walmart Inc. ("Walmart"), Asda Group Limited ("Asda"), the Issa brothers and TDR Capital announced that the Issa brothers, founders and co-CEOs of EG Group, a global convenience and forecourts retailer, headquartered in Blackburn, UK, and investment funds managed by TDR Capital LLP, a leading UK-based private equity firm, have together agreed to acquire Asda, Walmart's wholly-owned UK business, for an enterprise value of Pound6.8 billion, on a debt-free and cash-free basis.
Source: SEC


February 08: Walmart Statement with Respect to the Lawsuit Filed Against the U.S. DOJ and DEA on Oct. 22, 2020 in the Eastern District of Texas
We brought this lawsuit because Walmart and our pharmacists are torn between demands from DEA on one side and federal health agencies and state regulators on the other, and patients are caught in the middle. The court's decision is purely procedural, based on when the federal government can be sued, and does not resolve the public health concerns raised in our case. We will appeal the court's ruling to seek clarity on the roles and legal responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmacies in filling opioid prescriptions written by DEA approved doctors. Our pharmacists and patients deserve better than the current patchwork of inconsistent, conflicting and contradictory demands from federal and state regulators.
Source: Company Website

June 20 2019: Walmart Reaches Agreements with the DOJ and the SEC to Resolve their FCPA Investigations
Settlement Resolves Seven-Year Government Investigation; Company has Established a Strong Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Program
BENTONVILLE, Ark.----Walmart has entered into a global settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that resolves a more than seven-year investigation into the company's compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Through the settlements, which cover conduct that took place years ago, Walmart has agreed to a combined payment of $282.7 million. The global resolution ends all FCPA-related investigations or inquiries into Walmart and its subsidiaries by the DOJ and the SEC.
These agreements relate to Walmart's anti-corruption internal controls in Brazil, Mexico, India and China prior to April 2011. Walmart, under the direction of its Audit Committee, conducted a thorough internal investigation, cooperated with the DOJ and the SEC, and took extensive steps that have established its strong Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Program. Over the past seven years, Walmart spent more than $900 million on FCPA inquiries and investigations, its Global Compliance Program and organizational enhancements. Walmart's actions were acknowledged by the DOJ and the SEC in the resolution agreements.
Source: Nasdaq Stock Exchange

Intellectual Property

January 30 2020: Calhoun Walmart Remodel Features Opening of New Walmart Health Center
CALHOUN, Ga., Jan. 29, 2020 - Families in the Calhoun, Ga., area can now experience a remodeled Walmart Supercenter that's offering customers new ways to save money, while living better - and healthier - lives, through the opening of the second ever Walmart Health center. Located at 448 W. Belmont Dr., adjacent to the Supercenter, the community will celebrate the new addition during a grand opening Wednesday, Jan. 29.
Source: Company Website

Press Releases

February 08: Walmart and Sam's Club Pharmacies Are Ready to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines Through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program
This morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared information on the U.S. Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. Through this partnership, Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies can now accept and administer federal allocations of the COVID-19 vaccine. Walmart and Sam's Club are working with the federal government to help increase access to COVID-19 vaccines at select pharmacies in 22 states once vaccine doses are available, starting late next week.
Source: Company Website

February 08: The Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity Awards Over $14 Million in First Round of Grants
BENTONVILLE, Ark., Feb. 1, 2021 - Walmart and the Walmart Foundation pledged to contribute $100 million over five years through a Center for Racial Equity to help address racial disparities in the U.S. in June 2020. Today, Walmart announced that Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are distributing the first $14.3 million of that commitment in grants to 16 different nonprofit organizations.
Source: Company Website

February 01: Weve Spent the Past Year Preparing with CDC and Others to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines
As we prepare this week to begin administering COVID-19 vaccines in Maryland, Texas, Delaware, Indiana and the District of Columbia to eligible populations as determined by each district and state, we know our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are ready. It has been a year of hard work and preparation to get to this point. And as more people become eligible for vaccination, it's a good time to take a look back at how we got here.
Source: Company Website

January 29: Walmart Announces Expanded Vision and New Name for its Media Business
Walmart Connect, formerly Walmart Media Group, is growing its offerings to provide unparalleled opportunities for partners to accelerate their connection to customers in a closed-loop, omnichannel environment
Source: Company Website

October 24 2020: Walmart Sues DOJ and DEA Seeking Clarity for Pharmacists in Dispensing Prescription Opioids
BENTONVILLE, Ark., October 22, 2020 - Walmart has sued the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), asking a federal court to clarify the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmacies under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Walmart Inc. v. DOJ, et al. is pending before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.
Source: SEC

October 22 2020: Walmart and Sam's Club Support Safe Medication Disposal with DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Events in Communities Across the Country
BENTONVILLE, Ark., Oct. 21, 2020 - Walmart and Sam's Club are hosting in-person medication disposal events at select store and club locations across the country on Saturday, October 24, as part of the DEA's biannual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.9 million Americans misused controlled prescription drugs. The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from a home medicine cabinet.
A complete list of DEA Take Back Day location events can be found at: https://takebackday.dea.gov. Law enforcement will be set up in participating Walmart and Sam's Club parking lots from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 24 to help the public safely dispose of their unwanted, unused or expired prescription medications.
"We recognize the potential danger for misuse and abuse of prescription medications when they fall into the wrong hands. By offering a range of options for safe medication disposal, we can help our customers prevent prescription drug misuse and abuse," Lisa Smith, Senior Director, Clinical Team, Walmart U.S. Health & Wellness, said.
Source: Company Website

August 28 2020: Walmart's 2020 ESG Efforts: Making Important Progress Toward Positive Societal, Environmental Change
By Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
I am excited to let you know that today we released Walmart's 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which covers the fiscal year ending on Jan. 31, 2020 (FY2020).
Source: Company Website

August 28 2020: Walmart Statement Regarding Discussions with Microsoft About TikTok
Walmart Inc. issued a public statement regarding discussions with Microsoft involving ByteDance Ltd.'s TikTok service in the United States:
Source: Company Website

August 28 2020: Hurricane Laura Facility Status
The safety of our associates and customers is our top priority. Walmart's Emergency Operations Center monitors hurricanes and other potential disasters in real time. We assess the status of our facilities and will continue to operate as long as it is safe to do so. We pay close attention and follow local and/or state evacuation mandates.
Source: Company Website

August 25 2020: Walmart's Emergency Operations Center Manages a Once-in-a-Century Pandemic
If this whole collective out-of-body experience were a movie, the opening scene might take place here in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas, camera scanning along a bank of television monitors on the wall, data flooding the screens, associates deciphering it instantly. You can almost see the minds at work, digesting information, separating the good from the bad, the bad from the potentially catastrophic.
Source: Company Website

August 20 2020: Walmart: This is Our Playbook; We Solve Problems': Walmart's Emergency Operations Center Manages a Once-in-a-Century Pandemic
If this whole collective out-of-body experience were a movie, the opening scene might take place here in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas, camera scanning along a bank of television monitors on the wall, data flooding the screens, associates deciphering it instantly. You can almost see the minds at work, digesting information, separating the good from the bad, the bad from the potentially catastrophic.
Source: Company Website

August 17 2020: Walmart: Forward-Looking Statements
The company's net sales and operating results were significantly affected by a continuation of the global health crisis. Increased demand for products across multiple categories led to strong top-line and gross margin results.
Source: SEC

July 24 2020: Walmart's Majority-Owned Flipkart Launches Wholesale Business to Help Small Businesses in India Source Directly From Manufacturers and Producers
BENTONVILLE, Ark., BANGALORE, India - July 23, 2020 - The Flipkart Group, India's homegrown e-commerce group, today announced the launch of Flipkart Wholesale, a new digital marketplace that will help transform India's retail ecosystem by leveraging cutting-edge and locally developed extensive leadership in the consumer e-commerce segment and technology for the country's mom-and-pop "kirana" grocery stores and other small retailers. As part of this launch, the Group also announced the acquisition of 100% interest in Wal-Mart India Private Limited, which operates the Best Price cash-and-carry business, to leverage the strong wholesale capabilities of the company and enable growth and prosperity for the nation's kiranas and micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).
Source: Company Website

July 22 2020: Walmart Invests $428 Million More in Associates with Another Special Bonus; Totaling $1.1 Billion in Special Bonuses So Far This Year
BENTONVILLE, Ark., July 21, 2020 - Walmart today announced it will pay out another special cash bonus to store, club, distribution center and fulfillment center associates for their ongoing contributions and dedication to serving customers, members and communities during this unprecedented time. The bonus will be $300 for full-time hourly associates and $150 for part-time hourly and temporary associates. Drivers, Managers and Assistant Managers in stores, clubs, DCs, FCs and Health & Wellness will also receive a bonus. It will add up to approximately $428 million.
Source: Company Website

June 19 2020: Walmart: Supporting COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing
Walmart is part of communities all across America, and we believe we can play a vital role by helping our neighbors in a time of crisis. We know how important expanded testing is to getting America back on its feet, and we are committed to supporting efforts to expand COVID-19 drive-thru testing. Since the public-private partnership was announced on March 13, 2020, we have been working closely with lab partners, HHS, and state and local officials to select testing sites in areas of need. We learned from our initial sites to get the model right and are expanding testing in areas of need. On May 15, 2020, we exceeded our goal of opening 100 sites by the end of May, thanks to our dedicated associates. We are working hard to continue to scale and provide testing to as many communities as possible.
Source: Company Website

May 20 2020: Walmart U.S. Q1 comp sales1 grew 10.0% and Walmart U.S. eCommerce sales grew 74%
The company's net sales and operating results were significantly affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Unprecedented demand for products across multiple categories led to strong top-line results. Certain incremental costs negatively affected operating income, including costs associated with enhanced wages and benefits as well as safety and sanitation.
Source: SEC

May 13 2020: Walmart: The Why and How Behind Walmart Express Delivery
By Janey Whiteside, Chief Customer Officer, Walmart, and Suresh Kumar, Global Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, Walmart
Walmart recently debuted Express delivery, a new service to deliver goods to our customers in under two hours. Here's why we chose to roll this service out now and how our own internally developed technology helped make it happen quickly when America needed it.
The Why
The coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we knew it and has also changed how our customers shop, with many American families sheltering in place and relying heavily on online deliveries. Customers all over the world are testing the limits of no-contact shopping from curbside pickup to delivery options - not just for convenience, but for their own health. Our mission to save our customers time and money in order to allow them to live better rings true now more than ever.
Express delivery is one of Walmart's no-contact pickup and delivery options to allow customers to get the items they need without coming into the store. Express delivery eligible items from Walmart, including groceries, electronics, toys and other essential items are available to customers for a surplus $10 over Walmart's typical delivery fees of $7.95 or $9.95, depending on the time of day. We can get the item from our door to yours within two hours. Whether it's "oh no, my child has a fever!" or "oh no, I forgot the birthday candles!" time matters. Thanks to our 74,000 personal shoppers who collect the customers' orders and deliver them to their doorsteps in time.
Source: Company Website

April 29 2020: Walmart: Hasbro expects virus to hit second-quarter earnings but will be prepared for holiday season
Hasbro said Wednesday it expects its second quarter to take a hit from the coronavirus pandemic, but it expects to be ready for the holiday season.
The comments come as the toymaker reported its first-quarter earnings, telling investors that it has a solid financial footing and is cutting costs as it prepares to meet the seasonal demand that comes in the second half of the year.
The coronavirus pandemic has led to store closures due to country-wide restrictions on social interactions as well as global production shutdowns. It's also created uncertainty, which prompted Hasbro to withdraw its fiscal 2020 financial outlook.
That said, Hasbro has benefited from an increased demand for family games, which spiked during the quarter and into April.
″People want to make social connections and we're seeing it across the board," Brian Goldner, Hasbro's chairman and chief executive officer, said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" Wednesday.
In the quarter ended March 29, the company swung to a net loss of $69.6 million, or 51 cents a share, from net income of $26.7 million, or 21 cents a share, in the year-ago period.
Excluding non-recurring items, such as eOne acquisition-related expenses, adjusted earnings per share came to 57 cents, below the consensus of 58 cents, according to data from Refinitiv.
Revenue rose to $1.11 billion from $732.5 million but came up shy of the Refinitiv consensus of $1.14 billion.
Goldner said that sales across every category, including preschool, kids, adults and family games, saw growth during the quarter. Hasbro's gaming category, including Magic: The Gathering, Monopoly and Hasbro Gaming, grew 40%.
E-commerce increased double digits in the first quarter for the company and Walmart, Target and Amazon were Hasbro's largest customers during the period.

April 29 2020: Walmart: Livestreaming is taking off in China, but it's not driving much sales in a market still reeling from coronavirus
BEIJING - As businesses try to boost sales to during the coronavirus slump, one of the hottest trends in marketing has created plenty of buzz - but it has yet to prove its worth on a macro level.
In the months since Covid-19 prompted millions of people in China to stay at home, plenty of people - from celebrities to government officials and automakers - have jumped on the livestreaming bandwagon that was already taking off. They are now selling directly to consumers via what can be hours of live video.
In fact, the number of e-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter, according to China's Commerce Ministry. More than 100 government officials participated to promote local products, the ministry said.
Source: CNBC

April 28 2020: Walmart: Trump says US will be able to run 5 million coronavirus tests per day 'very soon,' despite shortages across states
President Donald Trump said Tuesday the U.S. will "very soon" run 5 million coronavirus tests per day, even as the lack of testing remains an obstacle for many states anxious to reopen for business.
"We'll increase it, and it'll increase it by much more than that in the very near future," Trump said when a reporter asked if he's confident the U.S. will reach 5 million tests per day, as some health experts say would be required to "reopen" the country.
Speaking to the press the following day, Trump denied ever having said there would be 5 million tests per day, but he added that he does believe there will, in fact, be five million tests per day.
"Somebody came out with a study of 5 million people. Do I think we will? I think we will, but I never said it," Trump claimed during an event at the White House on Wednesday. "Somebody started throwing around 5 million. I didn't say 5 million," the president insisted, adding, "Well, we will be there. But I didn't say it. I didn't say it."
The U.S. is currently nowhere near conducting 5 million tests a day, and there is skepticism within the Trump administration itself about whether the country could hit that goal. Adm. Brett Giroir, who is running the administration's testing response, told Time magazine in an interview Tuesday morning, before Trump's remarks, that "there is absolutely no way on Earth, on this planet or any other planet, that we can do 20 million tests a day, or even 5 million tests a day."
The most tests the nation has run on a single day was 314,182 on April 22, according to data compiled by the Covid Tracking Project. The U.S. has run just 5.7 million total Covid-19 tests since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the volunteer project designed to track testing data launched last month by The Atlantic.
That puts the nation woefully behind where its testing capacity needs to be.

April 27 2020: Walmart: CVS Health, Walgreens and other retailers say they're focused on expanding coronavirus testing as states, businesses aim to loosen lockdowns
As some states start to reopen businesses and lift lockdowns, the need for coronavirus testing has become a focal point, and retailers are touting renewed efforts to speed that along.
Leaders of CVS Health, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger and other companies joined President Donald Trump late Monday at the White House to announce the next phase of testing. They spoke at the podium in the Rose Garden about their plans to add new sites and increase access, especially in underserved communities and among employers trying to get back to work.
The companies laid out their plans, but some cautioned their timing and ability to ramp up will depend on having adequate supplies and lab capacity.
Some state governors have expressed frustration about not having enough swabs, reagents or lab capacity for tests, saying that's made it harder to track the coronavirus' spread and make decisions about lifting stay-at-home orders. In the U.S., there have been more than 972,900 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and at least 55,118 people have died, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.
With their roots in health care, CVS and Walgreens have been two of the most active in getting sites up and running. CVS said Monday that it plans to have nearly 1,000 locations across the country by the end of May and process up to 1.5 million tests per month. Walgreens said it expects to open five more drive-thru testing locations in four more states this week and eventually open sites in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.
Walmart said it will have 45 sites by the end of next week and 100 sites by the end of May. Kroger said it will expand its drive-thrus to have 50 locations in more than 12 states by the end of May.
Source: CNBC

April 21 2020: Analysts see stocks like Amazon and Walmart continuing to benefit from the coronavirus pandemic
The coronavirus continues to cause economic unrest, but Wall Street analysts said on Tuesday that there are several companies poised to take advantage. Calls of the day include Amazon, Walmart, Lyft and more.
Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Tuesday:
Source: CNBC

April 20 2020: Walmart: Here are some stock picks for a post-coronavirus world, according to Stifel
Uncertainty reigns about the depth or duration of the pandemic, but Stifel is predicting what the world will look like after COVID-19.
The Wall Street firm said the coronavirus pandemic will permanently change human behavior, societal function, and the structure of industry. Alongside those changes, certain stocks will thrive.
"The measures being taken to mitigate the crisis could become catalysts for more permanent change," Stifel wrote in a note to clients.
Source: CNBC

April 20 2020: Walmart; Former Saks CEO on the long-term impact of coronavirus on the retail industry
A number of retailers are taking drastic steps after being hit hard by the coronavirus. Neiman Marcus missed a bond payment and, according to Reuters, is preparing to seek bankruptcy protection. Additionally, Nordstrom suspended merchandise orders and Macy's is exploring options to shore up its finances. Steve Sadove, former chairman of Saks Inc. and CEO and now a senior advisor for Mastercard, to discuss what retailers can do to survive the crisis.
Source: CNBC

April 17 2020: Walmart: Coronavirus updates: Visitors flock to Jacksonville beaches after they reopen for exercise and activity
The coverage on this live blog has ended - but for up-to-the-minute coverage on the coronavirus, visit the live blog from CNBC's Asia-Pacific team.
Global cases: More than 2,214,800 Global deaths: At least 150,948 US cases: More than 683,700 US deaths: At least 34,575
The data above was compiled by Johns Hopkins University. 9:19 pm: Walmart requires staff to wear masks
Starting Monday, Walmart is requiring employees to wear masks in stores, clubs, distribution and fulfillment centers, as well as in our corporate offices. The company said it will also ask customers to wear face coverings when shopping. It's also announcing that it is extending its emergency leave policy through the end of May.
"We have evolved our policy on face coverings from optional to mandatory as public health guidance has shifted," the company said in a statement. "The CDC now recommends wearing face coverings in public settings, including grocery stores, to help curb the spread of the virus." -Jennifer Elias
8:30 pm: Nearly 90% of the US Navy hospital ship in New York is empty
Source: CNBC

April 17 2020: Walmart: Pandemic has companies dropping earnings guidance, and some say it should be nixed altogether
The number of companies withdrawing or declining to provide earnings guidance continues to grow, with Abbott, ConocoPhillips, Jack in the Box, GoPro, and Bed Bath & Beyond in just the last couple days.
JPMorgan, in a note to clients, said that so far 86 S&P 500 companies have suspended earnings guidance.
Not surprisingly, some in the corporate world are seizing on this canceled guidance to renew calls to kill the practice altogether.
"It's a step in the right direction that such a large number of companies have opted to suspend guidance, regardless of the circumstances that caused them to arrive at that decision," Sarah Keohane Williamson, CEO of FCLT Global, said in an editorial this week in Investor Relations magazine.
Two years ago Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett called for companies to stop providing quarterly earnings guidance, arguing that it promoted short-term thinking.
Citing a 2015 Harvard study, Williamson said companies that emphasize quarterly earnings guidance get "the investors they deserve. Focusing on short-term metrics attracts transient, short-term shareholders, ultimately increasing share price volatility. It is linked to lower earnings growth, a higher cost of capital and a lower return on equity when compared with peers that issue guidance with a long-term orientation."
Williamson also said investors don't want this type of guidance: "In repeated surveys of the buy side, earnings guidance given for periods of less than one year was consistently deemed irrelevant in evaluating a company's future prospects," she wrote.
Sounds like a bit of a rant, but FCLT Global has clout. It's a not-for-profit organization founded to encourage a longer-term focus in business and investment decision-making. Its members include BlackRock, Bridgewater Associates, Carlyle Group, Fidelity Investments, HSBC, Nasdaq, Cisco and Walmart.
This is not a new issue.

April 13 2020: Walmart executive picked as eBay's new CEO
Online retailer eBay has tapped a Walmart executive as its new chief executive.
Jamie Iannone, Walmart's chief operating officer for U.S. e-commerce, will take the top job, eBay said Monday in a news release. He will step into the role on April 27.
Iannone played a key role in Walmart's digital strategy and was one of the retailer's rising stars. He was credited with growing the membership and online sales of Sam's Club, the retailer's membership-based subsidiary. In late February, he was promoted to lead Walmart's e-commerce business in the U.S.
With the new role, Iannone is returning to eBay. He spent nearly eight years at the company as a vice president, according to the news release.
Iannone worked at Walmart-owned Sam's Club for about six years. He was previously CEO of SamsClub.com and executive vice president of membership and technology. Before joining Sam's Club, he was executive vice president of digital products at Barnes & Noble, where he helped oversee its Nook devices and digital book business.
Sam's Club has served as a test ground for Walmart's digital initiatives. It launched a service called Scan & Go that allows shoppers to skip the line and check out through a smartphone app instead. It has another voice-enabled app, called "Ask Sam," that helps employees find an item or answer customers' questions more quickly.
Iannone will succeed Devin Wenig, who left eBay in September. Wenig resigned from his role as eBay faced pressure from two activist investors, Elliott Management and Starboard Value. The hedge funds pushed the company to review its portfolio and consider selling off assets, including its ticket sales service, StubHub, and its classified ads business, to drive up the value of shares.
Wenig explained his departure in a tweet, saying that he "was not on the same page as my new Board."
About two months after his departure, eBay announced it was selling StubHub to Swiss ticket vendor Viagogo for about $4 billion.
During the company's search for a new leader, eBay's chief financial officer, Scott Schenkel, served as its interim CEO.
Thomas Tierney, chairman of eBay's board, said in a news release that Iannone was the "ideal CEO to lead eBay's next chapter of growth and success."
"We have all been impressed by his strong track record of innovation, execution, operational excellence, and developing teams that drive results," he said.

April 09 2020: Walmart hires 100,000 to meet surging demand, as toilet paper and sewing machines fly off the shelves
Walmart said it's seen a surge in demand for hair color, beard trimmers and sewing machines as Americans stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic - and it's still working hard to keep up with a spike in toilet paper sales.
The big-box retailer has hired more than 100,000 new workers over the past three weeks to help it keep shelves stocked and fulfill online orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's executive vice president of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, told CNBC's Courtney Reagan.
It announced on March 19 that it would look to fill 150,000 positions.
"We'll easily hit the 150,000," he said. "We'll do an assessment to see if we need to do more."
Bartlett said most of the jobs are temporary, but about 10% to 15% are permanent. He said many of Walmart's new employees have come from hard-hit industries and are using the jobs to stay afloat "until their traditional jobs come back online."
Source: CNBC

8-K other news

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Peer Group Analysis & Ranking

Global Peer Group (all figures in $): Key Financials

In its Global Peer Group of 9 companies WMT is ranked first by MCap, Revenue, Net Profit, Total Assets, sixth by PV $1000 (1 yr) and seventh by Relative Str. (6 mo).
Name (Code)Relative Str. (6 mo)MCapPV $1000 (1 yr)RevenueNet ProfitTotal Assets
Rank of WMT716111
Walmart (WMT)36395.1B1,160.3559.2B13.5B252.5B
Target (TGT)73104.9B1,805.993.6B4.4B51.2B
Japan Tobacco (2914)4539.3B1,197.119.1B2.8B49.2B
Tesco (TSCO)2523.7B891.887.5B1.8B78B
Wilmar International (F34)5423.2B1,591.050.5B1.5B51B
Asahi Group (2502)6721.6B1,265.918.5B848.2M40.6B
Ocado Group (OCDO)2719.8B1,111.03.2B(95.3M)5.5B
Kirin Holdings (2503)3817.3B1,029.216.9B657.3M22.5B
Carrefour (CA)6216.1B1,410.085.8B761.9M56.6B

Global Peer Group: Relative Value Indicators
WMT is ranked third by P/S, fourth by Turnover Rate, fifth by P/Book and seventh by P/E.
Name (Code)Country CodeLast PriceP/EP/SP/BookTurnover Rate (%)% Disc to 52-w HiRetention Ratio
Rank of WMT7354
Walmart (WMT)US$139.5529.50.79.877.27.354.3
Target (TGT)US$209.3524.71.17.4149.91.668.8
Japan Tobacco (2914)JPJPY2,149.5011.
Tesco (TSCO)GBGBX223.703.167.527.5
Wilmar International (F34)SGSGD4.8615.00.51.537.811.3
Asahi Group (2502)JPJPY4,697.
Ocado Group (OCDO)GBGBX1,928.06.312.254.032.3
Kirin Holdings (2503)JPJPY2,
Carrefour (CA)FREUR16.5616.

BuySellSignals Fundamentals Valuation Ranking: Walmart vs NYSE Market

Out of 1,813 stocks and 252 units in the NYSE Market, Walmart is ranked first by Revenue, third by P/Sales, fifth by Market Cap $ and twentieth by Net Profit $.
NYSE AvgWMTRankRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Lowest Rank
Revenue $- 1 268.7 B CVS257.1 B UNH12.6 M ITW
P/Sales2.1x0.7x30.4x CVS0.7x GM0.7x WMT-
Market Cap $-395.1 B5 446.6 B V62.9 B SCCO
Net Profit $-13.5 B2027.4 B JPM21.1 B BABA20.7 B WFC(22.4 B) XOM
Price/Net Tangible Assets6.6x9.7x300.9x C1.1x WFC1.3x GS-
P/Earnings43.4x29.3x425.3x NEE10.1x PNC10.6x WFC-
Premium to 52-Wk Low (%)45.521.21589.01 MRK10.5 BDX14.1 BABA475.2 FCX
ROA (%)1.55.462727.8 MA22.4 SPGI19.2 PM0.2 FIS
Discount to 52-Wk High (%)3.78.178930.7 BABA27.8 UBER27.7 SNAP1.2 MXF
Total Debt/Equity (the lower the better)0.9x0.7x9830.001x COF0.02x CRM0.03x CCI11.3x HD
Yield (%)1.91.610306.8 MO6.4 T5.7 XOM0.2 FCX
EBITDA Margin%8.23.7127974.5 PLD67.3 NEE66.6 V(57.2) UBER

Negative values are shown in brackets.

Market Share

Walmart has a position of market dominance in the Broadline Retailers sector.
Walmart vs Broadline Retailers sector [Broadline Retailers sector Total in Brackets]
Revenue of $559.2 billion[82.7% of aggregate sector revenue of $730.7 billion; down from 82.9% in the previous year.]
Net Profit of $13.5 billion [92.8% of aggregate sector net profit of $17.2 billion; up from 78.5% in the previous year.]
EBIT of $20.6 billion [92.8% of aggregate sector EBIT of $25.8 billion; up from 79.3% in the previous year.]

Share in Index

Walmart is a constituent of the following indices. Its market capitalisation accounts for 3.8% of the combined MCap of the Dow Jones Industrials Index.
Index NameMCap of Index ($ B)MCap as % of Index
Dow Jones Industrials Index10,270 3.8
NYSE U.S. 100 Index22,174 1.8
NYSE Composite Index27,760 1.4
S&P 500 Index36,226 1.1

Global Rank [out of 48,053 stocks] and Rank of Walmart in the American Region [out of 12,017 stocks]

DescriptionValueGlobal RankIn Am Region
MCap ($)395.1B3429
Total Assets ($)252.5B298133
Revenue ($)559.2B72
Net Profit ($)13.5B6422
Return on Equity %15.75,6841,136
Net Profit Margin %2.521,1833,225
Price to Book9.831,9945,091
Yield %1.613,5722,727
PV1000 (1Year) $1,16028,6516,828
$ Change (1Year) %16.428,3446,774

Rank of Walmart in the S&P 500 Index [out of 361 stocks] and in the Total NYSE Market [out of 1945 stocks]

DescriptionValueIn S&P 500 IndexIn Total NYSE Market
MCap ($)395.1B48
Total Assets ($)252.5B2330
Revenue ($)559.2B11
Net Profit ($)13.5B813
Return on Equity %15.7124326
Net Profit Margin %2.52741,069
Price to Book9.71621,240
Yield %1.6176970
PV1000 (1Year) $1,16584204

Long-Term Fundamental Ranking: 4 out of 5 [5 is best]

Walmart is ranked number 1 out of 6 listed broadline retailer in the United States with a market capitalization of $395.1 billion.
Within its sector it has a relatively moderate P/E of 29.3 and low Price/Sales of 0.7.

It has a moderate relative ROE of 15.7% and ROA of 5.4%. The company paid a dividend of $2.18 in the last twelve months. The dividend yield is moderate at 1.6%.
Stocks are scored on a set of parameters reflecting fundamental analytical tools involving valuation, size and financial performance. They are ranked according to the average values of those parameters. The highest ranking is 5 and the lowest ranking is 1.


Top 20 Institutional Shareholders of Walmart as at December 31, 2020

As at December 31, 2020, 2265 Institutions held investments in Walmart. Institutions decreased their holdings to 28.82% of issued capital, down from 29.33% as at Sep 30. The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of Walmart was $146.1 for Q4/2020. The purchase value is estimated at that price. The largest shareholder was VANGUARD GROUP INC with 4.7% of Walmart. The second largest shareholder was BlackRock Inc. with 3.1%.
*Note: Minimum Core Shareholding is computed on the basis of SEC filings over the last 12 quarters (3 years). A higher % of shareholding above the minimum core holding may be indicative of a potential positioning by the institution to overweight.
INSTITUTIONAL SHAREHOLDERS - CATEGORISED AND COMPLETE LIST OF 2265 INSTITUTIONS AS AT December 31, 2020; see sheet 2 (in desc order of holdings):

Top 20 Institutions (in desc order of Shares)
Institution (CIK)SharesHolding %Value $Minimum Core Holding*% Above Min Core Holding*
VANGUARD GROUP INC (0000102909)132,260,9434.719 B122,694,6287.8
BlackRock Inc. (0001364742)87,155,1263.112.5 B85,644,4681.8
STATE STREET CORP (0000093751)64,270,8772.39.2 B64,270,8770
BANK OF AMERICA CORP /DE/ (0000070858)23,028,9600.813.3 B16,761,70537.4
GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC (0001214717)21,724,1760.773.1 B16,537,08731.4
FMR LLC (0000315066)19,892,9760.72.9 B19,306,2873.0
NORTHERN TRUST CORP (0000073124)16,074,9890.572.3 B16,074,9890
STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO (0000315032)14,698,8500.522.1 B14,698,8500
MORGAN STANLEY (0000895421)13,388,7370.471.9 B10,245,85830.7
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN (0000072971)12,400,5410.441.8 B11,683,7366.1
Fisher Asset Management, LLC (0000850529)11,830,0280.421.7 B9,191,16928.7
BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION TRUST (0001166559)11,603,0000.411.7 B11,603,0000
Bank of New York Mellon Corp (0001390777)11,540,3580.411.7 B11,398,1071.2
Legal & General Group Plc (0000764068)9,761,7610.341.4 B7,023,72439.0
CHARLES SCHWAB INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC (0000884546)9,513,1930.341.4 B7,118,80433.6
Nuveen Asset Management, LLC (0001521019)8,803,9950.311.3 B228,7053,749
DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS LP (0000354204)8,468,3450.31.2 B8,329,4841.7
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC (0000886982)8,435,3080.31.2 B7,263,03716.1
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO (0000019617)8,030,1100.281.2 B3,542,531127
ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN L.P. (0001109448)7,551,7740.271.1 B7,551,7740
% Held by Top 20 Institutional shareholders500,434,04717.771.8 B--

Top 10 Increases in Shares held by Institutions December 31, 2020 vs September 30, 2020

944 Institutional shareholders increased their holdings in Q4/2020. This was lower than 1023 increases in Q3/2020; a bearish parameter. See full list of 944 Institutions who increased their shareholdings in Sheet 3.
Bridgewater Associates increased their shareholding in Walmart by 1.7 million shares worth $ 246.1 million at VWAP of $146.1 for Q4/2020. Millennium Management increased their shareholding by 994,679 shares worth $ 145.3 million.

Top 10 Increases (in desc order of Shares)
Institution (CIK)Increase in SharesIncrease Value, $
Bridgewater Associates (0001350694)1,684,406246.1 M
Millennium Management (0001273087)994,679145.3 M
California Public Employees Retirement System (0000919079)824,835120.5 M
Two Sigma Advisers (0001478735)766,600112 M
Capital Research Global Investors (0001422848)756,955110.6 M
Bank of Nova Scotia (0000009631)725,431106 M
Cibc World Markets (0001056527)653,58195.5 M
Public Employees Retirement Association of Colorado (0000315297)636,88493.1 M
Citadel Advisors (0001423053)623,70191.1 M
American Century Companies (0000748054)598,54687.4 M

Top 10 Decreases in Shares held by Institutions December 31, 2020 vs September 30, 2020

758 Institutional shareholders decreased their holdings in Q4/2020. This was lower than 812 decreases in Q3/2020; a favourable indicator. See full list of 758 Institutions who decreased their shareholdings in Sheet 4.
State Street reduced their shareholding in Walmart by 3.1 million shares worth $ 453.9 million at VWAP of $146.1 for Q4/2020. Renaissance Technologies reduced their shareholding by 2.1 million shares worth $ 308.4 million.

Top 10 Decreases (in desc order of Shares)
Institution (CIK)Decrease in SharesDecrease Value, $
State Street (0000093751)3,106,972(453.9 M)
Renaissance Technologies (0001037389)2,110,626(308.4 M)
FMR (0000315066)1,809,323(264.3 M)
Nuveen Asset Management (0001521019)1,712,162(250.2 M)
Pioneer Investment Management (0001102598)1,570,548(229.5 M)
AllianceBernstein (0001109448)1,143,246(167 M)
Vanguard Group (0000102909)810,577(118.4 M)
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings (0001475365)795,035(116.2 M)
Ameriprise Financial (0000820027)637,939(93.2 M)
Two Sigma Investments (0001179392)542,254(79.2 M)

Top 10 New Entrants

Walmart - New Entrants: Institutional shareholders as at December 31, 2020. The value is estimated at VWAP $146.1 for Q4/2020. See full list of 199 New Entrants in Sheet 5.

Top 10 New Entrants (in desc order of Shares)
Institution (CIK)SharesValue, $
Sculptor Capital LP (0001054587)1,400,000201 M
ARMISTICE CAPITAL, LLC (0001601086)370,22553.1 M
InterOcean Capital Group, LLC (0001841616)347,10649.8 M
Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Co (0001739877)100,67314.5 M
Vontobel Holding Ltd. (0001588340)94,84913.6 M
Freemont Management S.A. (0001609120)81,50011.7 M
TruWealth Advisors, LLC (0001834985)58,4018.4 M
Greystone Financial Group, LLC (0001845302)54,2717.8 M
Wealth Advisory Solutions, LLC (0001834802)51,8547.4 M
Galvin, Gaustad & Stein, LLC (0001840945)50,6307.3 M

Drop Outs

There were no Drop Outs in Q4/2020 from the list of Institutional shareholders as at September 30, 2020.

Reported holdings of institutions as at December 31, 2020

Quarter EndedDec 31, 2020Sep 30, 2020Jun 30, 2020Mar 31, 2020
Market Value ($ Million)
Reported Holdings of Institutions117,131115,28297,66093,961
% of issued capital28.8229.3329.1529.69

As at December 31, 2020 institutions had decreased their holdings to 28.82% of issued capital, down from 29.69% nine months ago.

Corporate Bonds

Short-Term Bonds Yield down 4 basis points in the past quarter

Short-Term Wal-Mart Stores corporate bond yields (CUSIP: 931142DP5), maturing in 2 years 11 months have decreased from 0.37% to 0.33% in the past quarter. Over the same period, spread with treasury has decreased 15 basis points.

For Company searches and sorting by bonds and variables, an interactive version of current day's Table is available here:/home/jboss/jboss-3.2.7/server/default/deploy/BuySellSignals.war/report/Usnyse/Stock/quarterly/BondTable_1572.html

Time [Yrs Mo Days] and Yield to Maturity as on May 11, 2021

CUSIPTime to MaturityYld (%)Treasury (%)Spread (%)YTM Chng 3 Mo (bps)FitchMoody'sS&P
931142DP52 yrs 11 mo 12 d0.330.30.03-4AAAa2AA
931142AU72 yrs 5 mo 5 d0.180.150.03AAAa2AA

Key Statistics

MaturityYield to maturity %Yrs to Maturity% Rise/Fall 3-mo
Apr to Oct 20230.12 to 0.181.92 to 2.43-0.53
Apr to Sep 20240.332.95 to 3.35-0.59
Apr 20271.145.9-0.87
Feb 20301.98.76-
Sep 20352.414.31-4.95
Aug 20372.7316.26-
Apr 20382.716.93-
Apr to Oct 20402.78 to 2.8418.89 to 19.46-5.58 to -2.54
Apr 20412.8719.93-3.56

Yield Curve - Walmart Bond vs US Treasury

Years to MaturityWalmart Bond Yield (%)Treasury Yield (%)Spread to Treasury(Basis Points)

The yield curve is upward sloping which is typical. The term premium between the yield of a 3-year Walmart Inc. bond of 0.33% and the yield of a 2 year bond of 0.18% is 0.15%. Further, the yield curve is steepening from a term premium of 0.09% a month ago to a current level of 0.15%. This indicates investor expectations of falling inflation and/or decreasing demand for longer-term bonds. In comparison, the term premium of Treasury is 0.15%, down from 0.18% a month ago.


ADVT: Average Daily Volume of shares Traded
Annual Return: Dividends Paid In a 12-Month Period/Price at the Beginning of the Period + Capital Gain or Loss over 1 Year/Price 1 Year Ago (%)
Capital Gain/Loss from n Years Ago to n-1 Years Ago: Capital Gain or Loss over 1 Year/Price 1 Year Ago (%)
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabiliites (times)
Debt/Equity: Net Debt/Net Assets %
Dividend Yield: Dividend Per Share/Share Price (%)
EBIT Margin : Earnings Before Interest and Tax/Revenue (%)
Earnings Yield: Earnings Per Share/Share Price (%)
Income during the n years (3/2/1): Dividends received during the Period
Moving Average Price (n periods): Sum of Prices for each Period/Number of Periods
PV1000: Present value of 1000 invested 1 year/'n' years ago
Price/Earnings: Share Price/Earnings Per Share (times)
Price/NTA: Closing Share Price/Net Tangible Assets Per Share (times)
Price/Sales: Share Price/Sales Per Share (times)
Relative Price Change [RPC]: Relative price change is price change of stock with respect to Benchmark Index
Relative Strength (6 Months): Price close today/Price close 6 months ago, then ranked by percentile within the entire market.
Return on Assets: Net Profit/Total Assets (%)
Return on Equity (Shareholders' Funds): Net Profit/Net Assets (%)
TSR: Total Shareholder Returns is expressed as an annualized rate of return for shareholders after allowing for capital appreciation and dividend
TTM: Trailing 12 Months
Total Liabilities/Total Assets: Total Liabilities/Total Assets
Turnover Rate: value of annual trading volume as a percentage of market capitalisation
Volatility: Highest Price minus Lowest Price/Lowest Price (%)
Volume Index (VI): Number of shares traded in the period/Average number of shares traded for the period
Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP): The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the summation of turnover divided by total volume in the same period.

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