Undervaluation [compared with sector average]:
Dividend Yield
+    The relative yield of Saudi Basic Industries, defined by its yield of 5%, divided by average yield of dividend yielding stocks in the All Share Index (TASI) of 1.7% is 295.3%. This suggests Saudi Basic Industries stock is undervalued in dividend yield terms.
MCap/Total Assets
+    Tobin's Q Ratio, defined as MCap divided by Total Assets, is 0.9. Compared with the rest of the market the stock is undervalued.

Price/Moving Average Price and MACD:
+    The Price/MAP of 1.07 for 2010 is higher than the Price/MAP for the All Share Index (TASI) of 1.04.
+    The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator of 12-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 88.66 minus the 26-day EMA of 87.44 is positive suggesting a bullish signal.
+    The price to 50-day EMAP ratio is 1.0, a bullish indicator. In the past 50 days this ratio has exceeded 1.0, 35 times suggesting further upside. The 50-day EMAP has increased to SAR84.50. An increase is another bullish indicator.
+    The price to 200-day MAP ratio is 1.07, a bullish indicator. In the past 200 days this ratio has exceeded 1.07 eight times suggesting further upside. The stock is trading above both its MAPs and the 50-day MAP of SAR83.06 is higher than the 200-day MAP of SAR82.64, a bullish indicator. The 200-day MAP has increased to SAR82.64. An increase is another bullish indicator.

High Price Performance Indicators and rank of Saudi Basic Industries in the Saudi Arabian market:

DescriptionValueRank In Market
Today's Trading TurnoverSAR52.1 million (US$13.9 million)In Top 2%
MCapSAR264.6 billionIn Top 2%
Volatility %0.8In Top 8%


Overvaluation [compared with sector average]:
Price to Book
+    Price to Book of 6.2 [3.5].

Past Week:
+    Saudi Basic Industries Corp. is placed 157/175 in BuySellSignals' ranking of Saudi Arabian performers in the past week, a percentile ranking of 11.
+    In the past week, volume was 0.1 times average and the shares were down 1.2%. Sunday's close price is at a 0.7% discount to its 5-day Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of SAR88.82.
Past Month:
+    The price decreased 0.5% in the past month. The fall has been exacerbated by spectacular volume of 8.7 times average for the month.
+    Falls to Rises: in the past month the number of falls outnumbered rises 11:7 or 1.6:1.
+    The present value of SAR1,000 (PV1000) invested one month ago in Saudi Basic Industries is SAR995, for a capital loss of SAR5.

Slipping Relative Strength (1mo, 3 mo):
+    In the Saudi Arabian market of 176 stocks traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative strength of 56 which means it has outperformed 56% of the market.
+    Also, the relative strength percentile is slipping at 60 for 3 months and 15 for 1 month.