Tuesday, September 28, 2021

US Dollar (USD) v/s Euro (Euro)
USD 1 buys 0.856 Euro

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Currency Dashboard & Past Week

The US Dollar has increased 0.09 Euro cents (or 0.1%) from its last trading session of September 27, 2021 to close at 85.58 Euro cents. The USD/EUR rose for a third day on Tuesday bringing its three-day rise to 0.41 Euro cents or 0.5%.

Currency Dashboard

Trading CountryUSD: United States Of AmericaTrading CountryEUR: European Union
28 Sep, Close USD/EUR 0.855828 Sep, Close EUR/USD 1.168
1-day change (%)USD up 0.1079%1-day change (%)EUR down 0.1865%
YTD change (%)USD up 4.5%YTD change (%)EUR down 4.8%
Relative Strength (6 mo)64.7Relative Strength (6 mo)37.4

+    The USD is up 0.4% against the EUR in the past week.
+    The exchange rate ranged between a low of 0.8517 on Thursday, Sep 23 and a high of 0.8558 on Tuesday, Sep 28.
DayUS DollarClose (EUR)Change %Comment
WednesdayRises for a fifth consecutive day, a five-day rise of 1.0% vs the Euro (EUR)0.8550.3Top Rise
ThursdayDecreases vs the Euro (EUR)0.8517-0.4Week-low of 0.8517 Steepest Fall
FridayIncreases vs the Euro (EUR)0.85350.2
MondayRises for a second consecutive day, a two-day rise of 0.4% vs the Euro (EUR)0.85480.2Rises for a second consecutive day
TuesdayRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 0.5% vs the Euro (EUR)0.85580.1Week-high of 0.8558

Business News Round up

Recent Business News Round up: CNBC

October 14 2020: Yen firm as global lockdown worries return, Aussie slips on easing hints
The safe-haven yen stood at 105.25 per dollar in early trade, a fraction shy of a two-week high of 105.04 made overnight. The greenback held ground elsewhere, save for against sterling which had jumped on signs of progress in Brexit talks. The Australian dollar fell half a percent to $0.7129, before paring some losses, after Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe mentioned bond buying and a small rate cut as among options for policy support during recovery. Against a basket of currencies the greenback was steady at 93.400 and held at $1.1749 against the euro.

October 14 2020: Dollar fades after best day in three weeks. Euro touches nine-day low.
The dollar index retreated on Wednesday, a day after notching its biggest daily percentage gain in three weeks and the euro touched a nine-day low, as global equity markets remained cautious in light of waning hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine or U.S. fiscal stimulus.

Other Publishers

News DateHeadlinePublisher
Sep 28, 2021EUR/USD defends 1.1685-80 support with eyes on ECBs Lagarde, Feds PowellFXSTREET.COM
Sep 27, 2021EUR/USD still seen within the 1.1700-1.1800 rangeFXSTREET.COM
Sep 23, 2021EUR/USD faces the next support at 1.1665FXSTREET.COM
Sep 22, 2021Euro US Dollar (EUR/USD) Exchange Rate Fluctuates Ahead of Fed DecisionEERN
Sep 22, 2021EUR/USD Indecisive above 1.1700 as Fed tapering loomsFXSTREET.COM
Sep 21, 2021EUR/USD recovery remains fragile towards 1.1750 despite softer USDFXSTREET.COM

Today's Bullish Signals

Uptrend of USD vs EUR

Positive MACD:
- The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator of 12-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 0.85 minus the 26-day EMA of 0.85 is positive, suggesting a bullish signal. Both the 12-day EMA as well as the 26-day EMA are rising, another bullish signal.

Past Month:
- Rises to Falls: In the past month the number of rises outnumbered falls 14:8 or 1.8:1.

Past Quarter:
The Best 3 weeks in the past quarter:
In the past quarter the top rise of 0.9% took place in the week beginning Monday August 02.
Mon-FriChange %
Aug 02-060.9
Aug 16-200.8
Sep 13-170.7

Ongoing Bullish Parameters

Rank in the top 21% in the Currency Pairs market

1-month Price Change %1.0In Top 21%

Present Value of EUR1000 Invested in the Past [3 Mo, 1 Yr]; The Best Periods with PVEUR1000 > 1,000

PVEUR1,0003 mo ago1 yr ago

Past quarter: price rise of 2%

Change %Quarter

Today's Bearish Signals

Overbought/Bearish Signals:

- The Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 75.2 has penetrated the overbought line of 70, suggesting the exchange rate gain of 1.2% in the last 14 days is unusually high.

Ongoing Bearish Parameters

Annualised Period-based Total Shareholder Returns [TSR %]: The Worst Periods with TSR < 1.2%

TSR %5 yrs10 yrs

Present Value of EUR1000 Invested in the Past 3 Years; The Worst Period with PVEUR1000 < 997

PVEUR1,0003 yrs ago

The Worst Periods [1 Yr, 3 Yrs] with Change % < -0

Change %Year3 Years

Currency Crossrates

Currency Crossrates Today's Snapshot for USD

USD1=111.4622JPYJapanRises for a fifth consecutive day, a five-day rise of 2.1% vs the Japanese Yen (JPY)
USD1=1,187.8847KRWSouth KoreaIncreases 0.8% vs the South-Korean Won (KRW)
USD1=20.3447MXNMexicoIncreases 1.2% vs the Mexican Peso (MXN)
USD1=1.3574SGDSingaporeRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 0.7% vs the Singapore dollar (SGD)
USD1=1.4374NZDNew ZealandIncreases 0.8% vs the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
USD1=0.8558EUREuropean UnionRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 0.5% vs the Euro (EUR)
USD1=8.6527NOKNorwayIncreases 0.6% vs the Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
USD1=0.9292CHFSwitzerlandRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 0.5% vs the Swiss Franc (CHF)
USD1=8.7295SEKSwedenRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 1.2% vs the Swedish Krona (SEK)
USD1=1.3815AUDAustraliaIncreases vs the Australian Dollar (AUD)
USD1=0.7385GBPUnited KingdomIncreases 1.2% vs the British Pound (GBP)
USD1=1.2676CADCanadaIncreases vs the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
USD1=6.4597CNYChinaIncreases vs the Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
USD1=7.7829HKDHong KongFalls for a second consecutive day, a two-day fall of 0.04% vs the Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Currency Crossrates Today's Snapshot for EUR

EUR1=1,386.7969KRWSouth KoreaRises for a third consecutive day, a three-day rise of 0.8% vs the South-Korean Won (KRW)
EUR1=1.5862SGDSingaporeIncreases vs the Singapore dollar (SGD)
EUR1=1.6784NZDNew ZealandIncreases 0.6% vs the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
EUR1=10.09NOKNorwayIncreases vs the Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
EUR1=0.8624GBPUnited KingdomIncreases 1.1% vs the British Pound (GBP)
EUR1=23.7114MXNMexicoIncreases 0.7% vs the Mexican Peso (MXN)
EUR1=130.2415JPYJapanIncreases after finding support vs the Japanese Yen (JPY)
EUR1=9.0912HKDHong KongFalls for a third consecutive day, a three-day fall of 0.5% vs the Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
EUR1=7.5471CNYChinaDecreases vs the Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
EUR1=1.0853CHFSwitzerlandIncreases vs the Swiss Franc (CHF)
EUR1=1.4811CADCanadaIncreases vs the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
EUR1=1.6131AUDAustraliaIncreases vs the Australian Dollar (AUD)
EUR1=10.2007SEKSwedenRises for a second consecutive day, a two-day rise of 0.6% vs the Swedish Krona (SEK)
EUR1=1.168USDUnited States Of AmericaFalls for a second consecutive day, a two-day fall of 0.5% vs the US Dollar (USD)

Period-Based % Change

% Change of USD vs Currency Basket Period-Based

LastCountry1-day %1-week %1-Year %3-Yrs %
USD1=1.0USDUnited States Of America0.0---
USD1=0.856EUREuropean Union0.10.4-0.1-0.4
USD1=1,187.885KRWSouth Korea0.
USD1=1.437NZDNew Zealand0.80.7-5.8-5.0
USD1=0.739GBPUnited Kingdom1.20.9-5.2-3.4
USD1=7.783HKDHong Kong--0.10.4-0.4

% Change of EUR vs Currency Basket Period-Based

In the past year the Euro rose 0.1% against the US Dollar; in the past three years the Euro rose 0.2% against the US Dollar.

LastCountry1-day %1-week %1-Year %3-Yrs %
EUR1=1.168USDUnited States Of America-0.2-
EUR1=1.0EUREuropean Union0.0---
EUR1=1,386.797KRWSouth Korea0.4-
EUR1=1.678NZDNew Zealand0.60.4-5.8-4.7
EUR1=0.862GBPUnited Kingdom1.10.5-4.9-3.2
EUR1=9.091HKDHong Kong-0.2-0.50.5-0.2

Historical Perspective

Year-on-Year Comparison USD/EUR (Trailing year - ended 28 Sep)

In the past 5 years, the EUR has appreciated against the USD at an average compound annual growth rate of 0.7%.
% Change-0.1-

USD1 buys EUR 0.86 today: Appreciation of USD from 0.79 v/s EUR fifteen years ago
Last5 Yrs ago10 Yrs ago15 Yrs ago

Present Value of EUR1000 Invested in USD 10 years ago is EUR1,117
PVEUR1,0005 yrs ago10 yrs ago

Macroeconomic Indicators

GDP (Billion USD)21,43313,336
GDP growth yoy (%)-2.4-5.0
Interest rate (%)0.250.05
Inflation rate (%)1.40.9
Unemployment rate (%)6.38.3
Budget / (Deficit) to GDP ratio (%)(4.6)(0.6)
Current account / (Deficit) to GDP ratio (%)-2.32.3
Debt to GDP ratio (%)107.677.6

Credit Rating Summary: UNITED STATES

Rating AgencyLong TermForeign CurrencyDescription
S&PAA+Very strong capacity to meet financial commitments. The plus (+) sign shows relative standing within the major rating category.
FITCHAAA Highest credit quality: 'AAA' ratings denote the lowest expectation of default risk. This capacity is highly unlikely to be adversely affected by foreseeable events.
DAGONGA-High Credit Quality: "A" ratings denote expectations of relatively low default risk. The capacity for payment of financial commitments is considered sufficient. However, this capacity may be more vulnerable than those of the higher ratings to adverse business or economic conditions due to any foreseeable event. The minus (-) sign shows relative standing within the major rating category.

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