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Corporate Profile and Independent Ratings


Infineon Technologies AG is a Germany-based designer, developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and related system solutions. The Company operates through four segments: Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Power Management & Multimarket, and Chip Card & Security. The Automotive segment designs, develops, manufactures and markets semiconductors for use in automotive applications. The Industrial Power Control segment designs, develops, manufactures and markets semiconductors for the conversion of electric energy in the medium to high power range. The Power Management & Multimarket segment designs, develops, manufactures and markets semiconductors for power supplies, and for mobile devices and cellular infrastructure, as well as offers a range of Class-D amplifiers for home audio applications. The Chip Card & Security segment designs, develops, manufactures and markets hardware-based security products for card applications and connected systems. It is Germany's largest Semiconductors company by market capitalisation.

Independent Ratings

+    Industryweek 1000:
Infineon Technologies AG is a new entrant in the Industry Week list of the world's largest 1000 manufacturers by Revenues in 2016, ranked 588.
+    Forbes 2000:
It is the 1300th largest by revenue in the Forbes Global 2000.

Independent Ratings of Directors

+ Reinhard Ploss- Harvard Business Ranking:
Reinhard Ploss was ranked 40 in the Harvard Business Review's list of 100 Best-Performing CEO's in the world for 2019.

Contact Details

Physical AddressAm Campeon 1-15 NEUBIBERG BAYERN 85579

Industry & Sector

Classification LevelName of Sector
Business SectorTechnology Equipment
Industry GroupSemiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
Economic SectorTechnology

Financials FY 2020, Past 7 Years

Financials, FY 2020

Infineon Technologies profits hit by 58% fall
Release Date: January 13, 2021
Infineon Technologies (ETR:IFX) reported net profit for the year-ended 30 September 2020 [FY2020] of EUR368m ($432m), down 57.7% from EUR870m ($952m) in the previous year [FY2019].

Annual growth in Revenue, Net Profit and EPS

Year-ended30 September [FY/2020]30 September [FY/2019]
Revenue, EUR Billion8.68.0
Revenue, $ Billion10.19.4
Growth in Revenue %6.75.7
Net Profit, EUR Million368870
Net Profit, $432m1.0b
Growth in Net Profit %-57.7-19.1
EPS, c26.075.0
Growth in EPS %-65.3-21.1

Major changes compared with previous year (FY2020 vs FY2019):
Favourable Changes:
- Total revenue up 6.7% from EUR8.0b ($8.8b) to EUR8.6b ($10.1b)
- Total non-current assets to Total Assets up from 44.8% to 67.4%
Unfavourable Changes:
- Net profit slumps 57.7% from EUR870.0m ($951.6m) to EUR368.0m ($431.9m)
- EBIT Margin down from 13.5% to 4.9%
- EBIT to total assets down from 8.0% to 1.9%
- Total revenue to total assets down from 0.6 to 0.4
- Cost of Goods Sold to Revenues up from 62.7% to 67.6%
- Sales and marketing expenses to Revenues up from 10.8% to 12.2%
- Profit before tax to Revenues down from 13.5% to 4.9%
- Total liabilities to Total assets up 50% from 0.4 to 0.5
- Current ratio down 38.6% from 3.4 to 2.1
- Working capital to total assets down from 38.9% to 17.0%
- Retained earnings to total assets down from 3.1% to 2.0%
- Total current assets to Total Assets down from 55.2% to 32.6%
- Fixed Assets to Total Assets down from 25.8% to 18.7%
- Intangibles to Total Assets up from 13.3% to 44.6%
- Current Inventory to Total Assets down from 12.5% to 9.3%

Year-on-year comparison of Performance Ratios [FY2020 vs FY2019]
September 30FY2020FY2019Change (%)
Return on Equity (%)3.610.3Down 65
Return on Assets (%)1.76.5Down 73.8
Total Liabilities/Total Assets0.50.4Up 50
Current Ratio2.13.4Down 38.6
Common Size Ratios by Assets %
Total non-current assets to Total Assets 67.4 44.8 Up 50.4
Intangibles to Total Assets 44.6 13.3 Up 235.6
Total current assets to Total Assets 32.6 55.2 Down 40.9
Fixed Assets to Total Assets 18.7 25.8 Down 27.6
Current Inventory to Total Assets 9.3 12.5 Down 25.7
Common Size Ratios by Revenues %
Cost of Goods Sold to Revenues 67.6 62.7 Up 7.8
Sales and marketing expenses to Revenues 12.2 10.8 Up 13.2
Profit before tax to Revenues 4.9 13.5 Down 63.7
Tax expenses to Revenues (0.6) (2.4) Up 75.2

Currency Conversion (September 30, 2020): $1 = EUR0.85
Currency Conversion (September 30, 2019): $1 = EUR0.91

Five-year record of growth and performance:
In the last 5 years Total Revenue averaged EUR7,551.4M ($8,863.4M), EBITDA averaged EUR924.6M ($1,085.2M) and Net Profit averaged EUR802.2M ($941.6M). Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) averaged 8.1% for Total Revenue, -10.3% for Net Profit and -5.7% for EBITDA.
DescriptionAnnual (EUR M)Annual ($ M)5-year Avg (EUR M)5-year Avg ($ M)5-year CAGR %
Total Revenue8,56710,055.57,551.48,863.48.1
Operating Profit424497.7924.61,085.2(5.7)
Net Profit368431.9802.2941.6(10.3)

Five-year record of EBITDA, Operating Profit, Net Profit, ROE, ROA and ROCE
In 2020 Net Profit Margin of 4.3% was below its 5-year Avg of 10.8% (All Figures in %)
Description20205-year Avg
EBITDA Margin4.912.4
Operating Profit Margin4.912.4
Net Profit Margin4.310.8
Return on Equity3.612.3
Return on Assets1.77.1
Return on Capital Employed2.310

Financials as reported (FY 2020)

(In EUR Million, except per share data and shares outstanding)

DescriptionEUR MillionEUR Million
Sep 3020202019Change %
Revenue8,5678,029Up 6.7
Cost of goods sold-5,791-5,035Deterioration 15.0
Gross profit2,7762,994Down 7.3
Research and development expenses-1,113-945Deterioration 17.8
Selling general and administrative expenses-1,042-865Deterioration 20.5
Other operating income7656Up 35.7
Other operating expenses-116-79Deterioration 46.8
Operating income5811,161Down 50.0
Financial income2926Up 11.5
Financial expenses-177-98Deterioration 80.6
Loss from investments accounted for using the equity method-9-6Deterioration 50.0
Income from continuing operations before income taxes4241,083Down 60.8
Income tax-52-194Improved 73.2
Income from continuing operations372889Down 58.2
Loss from discontinued operations net of income taxes-4-19Improved 78.9
Net income368870Down 57.7
Attributable to:
Shareholders and hybrid capital investors of Infineon Technologies AG368870Down 57.7
Basic earnings per share (in euro) attributable to
shareholders of Infineon Technologies AG:1
Basic earnings per share (in euro) from continuing operations26.0c77.0cDown 66.2
Basic earnings (loss) per share (in euro) from discontinued operations-2.0c
Basic earnings per share (in euro)26.0c75.0cDown 65.3
Diluted earnings per share (in euro) attributable to
shareholders of 1 nfineon Technologies AG:1
Diluted earnings per share (in euro) from continuing operations26.0c77.0cDown 66.2
Diluted earnings (loss) per share (in euro) from discontinued operations-2.0c
Diluted earnings per share (in euro)26.0c75.0cDown 65.3
NO OF SHARES1,264,500,0001,164,800,000Up 8.6

DescriptionEUR MillionEUR Million
Sep 3020202019Change %
Cash and cash equivalents1,8511,021Up 81.3
Financial investments1,3762,758Down 50.1
Trade receivables1,1961,057Up 13.2
Inventories2,0521,701Up 20.6
Current income tax receivables7783Down 7.2
Contract assets9791Up 6.6
Other current assets530770Down 31.2
Assets classified as held for sale12
Total current assets7,1797,493Down 4.2
Property plant and equipment4,1103,510Up 17.1
Goodwill5,897909Up 548.7
Other intangible assets3,621896Up 304.1
Right-of-use assets286
Investments accounted for using the equity method8729Up 200.0
Non-current income tax receivables1
Deferred tax assets627599Up 4.7
Other non-current assets191145Up 31.7
Total non-current assets14,8206,088Up 143.4
Total assets21,99913,581Up 62.0
Short-term financial debt and current portion of long-term financial debt50522Up 2,195.5
Trade payables1,1601,089Up 6.5
Current provisions436383Up 13.8
Current income tax payables340144Up 136.1
Current leasing liabilities59
Other current liabilities950575Up 65.2
Total current liabilities3,4502,213Up 55.9
Long-term financial debt6,5281,534Up 325.6
Pension plans and similar commitments739733Up 0.8
Deferred tax liabilities29320Up 1,365.0
Non-current provisions313283Up 10.6
Non-current leasing liabilities235
Other non-current liabilities222165Up 34.5
Total non-current liabilities8,3302,735Up 204.6
Total liabilities11,7804,948Up 138.1
Ordinary share capital2,6122,501Up 4.4
Additional paid-in capital6,4625,494Up 17.6
Hybrid capital1,203
Retained earnings435421Up 3.3
Other reserves-460254Deterioration
Own shares-33-37Improved 10.8
Total equity10,2198,633Up 18.4
Total liabilities and equity21,99913,581Up 62.0

DescriptionEUR MillionEUR Million
Sep 3020202019Change %
Net income368870Down 57.7
Plus: loss from discontinued operations net of income taxes419Down 78.9
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization1,260945Up 33.3
Income tax52194Down 73.2
Net interest result10136Up 180.6
Gains on disposals of property plant and equipment-22-11Deterioration 100.0
Loss from sale of RF power business1
Dividends received2
Impairment charges/reversals of impairments126Up 100.0
Other non-cash result5616Up 250.0
Change in trade receivables4671Down 35.2
Change in inventories124-239Recovery
Change in trade payables-71-109Improved 34.9
Change in provisions65-25Recovery
Change in other assets and liabilities-4
Interest received1725Down 32.0
Interest paid-129-67Deterioration 92.5
Income tax paid-68-125Improved 45.6
Net cash provided by operating activities from continuing operations1,8171,603Up 13.3
Net cash used in operating activities from discontinued operations-6-2Deterioration 200.0
Net cash provided by operating activities1,8111,601Up 13.1
Purchases of financial investments-6,045-3,760Deterioration 60.8
Proceeds from sales of financial investments7,4172,836Up 161.5
Acquisitions of businesses net of cash acquired-7,433-123Deterioration 5,943.1
Proceeds from sales of businesses and interests in subsidiaries net of cash disbursed-1
Investments in related companies-44-5Deterioration 780.0
Purchases of other intangible assets and other assets-184-156Deterioration 17.9
Purchases of property plant and equipment-915-1,295Improved 29.3
Proceeds from sales of property plant and equipment and other assets3315Up 120.0
Net cash used in investing activities from continuing operations-7,172-2,488Deterioration 188.3
Net cash used in investing activities from discontinued operations
Net cash used in investing activities-7,172-2,488Deterioration 188.3
Net change in related party financial receivables and payables-14
Proceeds from issuance of long-term financial debt9,8151Up 981,400.0
Repayments of long-term financial debt-5,372-23Deterioration 23,256.5
Payments for leasing liabilities-63
Payments for financing-related derivatives-41
Deposits for financing-related derivatives2519Up 31.6
Proceeds from issuance of ordinary shares1,0431,530Down 31.8
Cash outflows due to changes of non-controlling interests-2
Dividend payments-336-305Deterioration 10.2
Proceeds from hybrid capital1,184
Cash outflow to hybrid capital investors-20
Net cash provided by financing activities from continuing operations6,2741,167Up 437.6
Net cash provided by financing activities from discontinued operations
Net cash provided by financing activities6,2741,167Up 437.6
Net change in cash and cash equivalents913280Up 226.1
Effect of foreign exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents-839Deterioration
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period1,021732Up 39.5
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period1,8511,021Up 81.3

Download INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES Financials Past 7 Years

Description (September 30)2020201920182017201620152014
Income Statement
Revenue per share6.786.896.726.265.755.153.85
Tax(52 M)(194 M)(193 M)(142 M)(36 M)(102 M)31 M
Net profit368 M870 M1.1 B790 M743 M634 M535 M
Balance Sheet
Equity Share Capital (B)
Retained Earnings435 M421 M(333 M)(1.4 B)(2.3 B)(2.9 B)(3.5 B)
Total Debt7 B1.9 B2.1 B1.9 B1.8 B1.8 B186 M
Total Assets (B)2213.610.
Current Asset (B)
Fixed Asset (B)4.13.532.
Working Capital (B)
Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow1.8 B1.6 B1.6 B1.7 B1.3 B817 M981 M
Investing Cash Flow(7.2 B)(2.5 B)(1.2 B)(1.1 B)(1.1 B)(2.6 B)(273 M)
Financing Cash Flow6.3 B1.2 B(542 M)(340 M)(229 M)1.4 B(179 M)
Net Cash Flow (M)913280(130)252(36)(413)529


Dividend History

In the past 5 years, there has been no change in annual dividends of 22.0c per share.
DateValue (c)Type
26 Feb 202122Final
Tr 12 Months22
2019 - 202027
2018 - 201927
2017 - 201825
2016 - 201722

Board of Directors

Board and Management

NameDesignationSince Appointment
Reinhard PlossChief Executive Officer, Chairman, Director8 Yrs, 12 Mos
Wolfgang EderNon-Executive Independent Chairman-
Sven SchneiderChief Financial Officer, Director-
Jochen HanebeckDirector5 Yrs
Helmut GasselDirector, Chief Marketing Officer-
Friedrich EichinerNon-Executive Director-
Xiaoqun CleverNon-Executive Director-
Margret SuckaleNon-Executive Director-
Ulrich SpiesshoferNon-Executive Director-
Melanie RiedlNon-Executive Director-
Diana VitaleNon-Executive Independent Director-
Hans-Ulrich HoldenriedNon-Executive Independent Director-
Manfred PufferNon-Executive Independent Director-
Juergen ScholzNon-Executive Independent Director-
Geraldine PicaudNon-Executive Independent Director-
Susanne LachenmannNon-Executive Independent Director-
Annette EngelfriedNon-Executive Independent Director-
Peter GruberNon-Executive Independent Director-
Kerstin SchulzendorfNon-Executive Independent Director-


Reinhard Ploss
CEO & Chairman & Director
Reinhard Ploss has been a member of the Management Board of Infineon Technologies AG since 2007. He has been Chief Executive Officer since October 1, 2012, responsible for Segments, Group Strategy, Communications & Government Relations, Human Resources (Labor Director), Legal, Research & Development.
Reinhard Ploss was born on December 8, 1955 in Bamberg. He studied process engineering at the Technical University of Munich and in 1986 received his doctorate. He began his career at Infineon (Siemens AG until 1999) in the same year.
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Infineon Technologies:
Date of appointment: October 01, 2012
In the last 5 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 21.8%. The present value of Euro1,000 (PV1000) invested 5 years ago is now EUR2,685, a gain of EUR1,534 and dividend reinvested of EUR151.
Harvard Business Ranking:
Reinhard Ploss was ranked 40 in the Harvard Business Review's list of 100 Best-Performing CEO's in the world for 2019.

Wolfgang Eder
Non-Executive Independent Chairman

Sven Schneider
CFO & Director

Jochen Hanebeck
Jochen Hanebeck has been a member of the Management Board of Infineon Technologies AG since 2016. He is responsible for Operations, including Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality, Customs and Purchasing.
Jochen Hanebeck was born on February 2, 1968 in Dortmund. He received a degree in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University. He has been with Infineon since 1994 (Siemens AG until 1999).
Shareholder Value:
Creation of shareholder value in Infineon Technologies:
Year of appointment: 2016
In the last 5 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 21.8%. The present value of Euro1,000 (PV1000) invested 5 years ago is now EUR2,685, a gain of EUR1,534 and dividend reinvested of EUR151.

Helmut Gassel
Chief Marketing Officer Helmut Gassel has been a member of the Management Board and Chief Marketing Officer of Infineon Technologies AG since 2016. He is responsible for Sales & Marketing, Regions, Strategy Development, Mergers & Acquisitions and Intellectual Property.
Helmut Gassel was born on March 13, 1964 in Dortmund, Germany. He studied at the Ruhr-University in Bochum and received a degree in physics and a doctorate in electrical engineering. He joined Infineon (Siemens AG until 1999) in 1995.

Melanie Riedl
Non-Executive Director

Margret Suckale
Non-Executive Director

Ulrich Spiesshofer
Non-Executive Director

Friedrich Eichiner
Non-Executive Director

Xiaoqun Clever
Non-Executive Director

Annette Engelfried
Non-Executive Independent Director

Manfred Puffer
Non-Executive Independent Director

Juergen Scholz
Non-Executive Independent Director

Peter Gruber
Non-Executive Independent Director

Hans-Ulrich Holdenried
Non-Executive Independent Director

Susanne Lachenmann
Non-Executive Independent Director

Kerstin Schulzendorf
Non-Executive Independent Director

Diana Vitale
Non-Executive Independent Director

Geraldine Picaud
Non-Executive Independent Director

News Archives (Jan 2018 - Jun 2021)

Changes in Board

August 06 2019: Dr. Wolfgang Eder takes over as Chair of Infineon's Supervisory Board, Dr. Reinhard Ploss appointed Chief Executive Officer until the end of 2022
Munich, Germany, 6 August 2019 - The Supervisory Board of Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) elected Dr. Wolfgang Eder (67) as its new Chair during its meeting today. He succeeds Dr. Eckart Sunner (75), who became Chair of the Supervisory Board in February 2018. Dr. Sunner announced his resignation from the post, effective this summer, at this year's Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board today decided that Infineon's current CEO, Dr. Reinhard Ploss (63), will continue to lead the company until the end of 2022. The existing contract with Dr. Ploss was to expire as of 30 September 2020.
Dr. Wolfgang Eder, Chairman of the Infineon Supervisory Board: "Infineon is developing in a highly dynamic manner, systematically expanding its leading position in central future-oriented fields of semiconductor technology. I am extremely pleased to take over as Chair of the Supervisory Board in an environment characterized by such enormous future potentials. At the same time, I would like to thank Reinhard Ploss in the name of the entire Supervisory Board for continuing to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer for the next three years. As CEO, Dr. Ploss has decisively influenced the successful path of Infineon over the past seven years. Both the planned acquisition of the US company Cypress Semiconductor and a wide range of new technological developments will present Infineon with crucial strategic decisions in the future. Dr. Ploss will have a determining impact on these decisions with his strategic vision, his experience and his skilled leadership. I am equally grateful to my predecessor as Chair of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Sunner, who has led the Board through eventful times with a steady and extremely competent hand."
Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon: "I am greatly honored by the trust the Supervisory Board has placed in me.


January 17: Infineon Technologies announces dividend
Infineon Technologies today announced a final dividend of 22.0c per share. The ex-dividend date is Friday, February 26.

February 15 2020: Infineon Technologies announces dividend
Infineon Technologies today announced a final dividend of 27.0c per share. The ex-dividend date is Friday, February 21, 2020 and the record date is Monday, February 24, 2020 and it is payable on Tuesday, February 25.

November 12 2018: Following a successful 2018 fiscal year Infineon confirms its targets for revenue, Segment Result and investments that were raised in June. Further dividend increase planned
Infineon Technologies AG today reported results for the fourth quarter of its 2018 fiscal year (period ended 30 September 2018).
"The fourth quarter was a strong finish to an outstanding fiscal year. For the first time, our current business segments have generated over 2 billion euros of revenue in one single quarter," stated Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "The digitalization and electrification of many aspects in our daily life are resulting in sustained high demand for our products and solutions. We begin the 2019 fiscal year with well-filled order books and aim to continue growing faster than the market as a whole. We are keeping a vigilant eye on political and economic developments and will react appropriately if and when the need arises."
Source: Company Website

January 15 2018: Infineon Technologies announces dividend
Infineon Technologies today announced a final dividend of 25.0c per share. The ex dividend date is Friday, February 23.


February 21 2019: Annual General Meeting of Infineon Technologies AG
Annual General Meeting of Infineon Technologies AG Thursday, February 21, 2019, 10.00 a.m. CET ICM (Internationales Congress Center Munchen), Munich/Germany
You can follow the speeches of CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss and CFO Dominik Asam via live Webcast. A recording will be available after the event.
Both speeches an
Source: Company Website


April 13: Infineon successfully signed $1.3 billion US private placement to repay outstanding financing related to the acquisition of Cypress
Munich - 8 April 2021 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has successfully signed a $1.3 billion US private placement of notes. The proceeds of the transaction will be used to repay existing US Dollar bank term loans related to the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.
Source: Company Website

April 08 2020: Infineon announces final regulatory approval for acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Neubiberg, Germany - 7 April 2020 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today announced that all necessary regulatory approvals have been received for its acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: CY). Infineon expects to close the transaction within five business days.
Source: Company Website

March 12 2020: CFIUS concludes review of planned acquisition of Cypress and clears transaction / closing remains subject to approval from Chinese authorities
Munich, Germany, and San Jose, California - 10 and 09 March 2020 - On 9 March 2020, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS") concluded its review under Section 721 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, of the planned acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation as announced by Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) on 3 June 2019. CFIUS cleared the transaction. The closing of the Merger remains subject to approval from China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and other customary closing conditions under the merger agreement.
Source: Company Website

November 12 2018: Infineon acquires Siltectra, a specialist for silicon carbide
Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) acquires Siltectra GmbH, a start-up based in Dresden. The start-up has developed an innovative technology (Cold Split) to process crystal material efficiently and with minimal loss of material. Infineon will use the Cold Split technology to split silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, thus doubling the number of chips out of one wafer. A purchase price of 124 million Euros was agreed on with the venture capital investor MIG Fonds, the main shareholder.
"This acquisition will help us expand our excellent portfolio with the new material silicon carbide as well. Our system understanding and our unique know how on thin wafer technology will be ideally complemented by the Cold Split technology and the innovative capacity of Siltectra," said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "Thanks to the Cold Split technology, the higher number of SiC wafers will make the ramp-up of our SiC products much easier, especially regarding further expansion of renewable energies and the increasing adaptation of SiC for use in the drive train of electrical vehicles."
Dr. Jan Richter, CTO of Siltectra: "We are glad to become part of the team of the global market leader in power semiconductors. Having shown that the Cold Split technology can be used at Infineon in principle, we will now work together to transfer it to volume production."
Michael Motschmann, General Partner of MIG Fonds' administrator MIG AG, said: "Since we invested in Siltectra more than eight years ago, we have always believed in the Cold Split technology and the great team. We are very pleased that we found Infineon as a buyer who fits perfectly technologically as well as culturally to the company. Furthermore, it makes us proud that we helped to strengthen Germany's economic competitiveness by our investment."
Siltectra was founded in 2010 and has been growing an IP portfolio with more than 50 patent families.

Press Releases

June 10: Quantum Computing: Infineon is co-founder of the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium
Berlin, 10 June 2021 - Ten leading German corporations are jointly founding the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium (QUTAC). The goal of the newly founded consortium is to further develop the existing fundamentals of quantum computing into usable industrial applications. Specifically, applications for the technology, chemical and pharmaceutical, insurance and automotive industries are to be brought to market maturity. This is intended to create the basis for a successful industrialisation of quantum computing in Germany and Europe. At the time of its founding, the consortium includes BASF, BMW Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bosch, Infineon, Merck, Munich Re, SAP, Siemens, and Volkswagen.
Source: Company Website

March 01: Infineon's new Wi-Fi 6 solutions bring reliable, high performance connectivity to smart homes
Digitalization is accelerating in all areas of life. From home entertainment to health tech to in-car entertainment, the number of connected consumer devices used in homes or on-the-go continues to accelerate, increasing the demand for wireless connectivity. With the new AIROC(TradeMark) Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth(Registered) 5.2 product series, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is responding to consumers' demand for secured and convenient wireless connectivity and helping to reduce congestion of home networks.
Source: Company Website

February 04: European research project iRel40: Improving the reliability of electronic components for future applications
Munich, Germany - 2 February 2021 - The Europe-wide research initiative Intelligent Reliability 4.0 (iRel40) aims to improve the reliability of electronic systems and microelectronic components. Coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG, 75 science and industry partners from 13 countries are pooling their forces to achieve this goal.
Source: Company Website

June 23 2020: Infineon shows responsibility in the face of Covid-19
Munich, Germany - 23 June 2020 - For the global community, the coronavirus pandemic presents a crisis of hitherto unseen proportions. "The coronavirus pandemic will leave an unprecedented impact on the global economy and our society," said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "These difficult times might continue for quite a while. Infineon has been able to act and react in a fast, agile and comprehensive manner to maintain its operations in recent weeks, whether in the supply chain or manufacturing. We additionally took responsibility as part of the societies with which our company directly interacts." Since the beginning of the outbreak, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) and its regional entities have initiated or joined 22 initiatives totaling around EUR570,000 to mitigate consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and support people locally.
Source: Company Website

June 08 2020: Infineon Technologies: Susanne Kochs is new Head of External Communications at Infineon
Munich, Germany - 8 June 2020 - Susanne Kochs (49) is taking over as Head of External Communications at Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY). She succeeds Bernd Hops, who took over as Corporate Vice President Communications and Public Affairs & Associations at the start of this year with global responsibility for internal, external and political communications. Susanne Kochs will report to him in her new position. The psychology graduate was previously a member of the Executive Board of Ketchum Germany and at the same time managed the company's Munich agency.
Source: Company Website

March 26 2020: Infineon withdraws outlook for FY20; economic impact resulting from coronavirus pandemic can currently not be reliably assessed
Neubiberg, Germany - 26 March 2020 - The more and more pronounced coronavirus pandemic worldwide is causing severe disruptions to global supply chains, endmarkets and economies. Developments around the coronavirus are very dynamic and result in low visibility. In view of this, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is withdrawing its outlook for the 2020 fiscal year. Originally the company had anticipated to grow revenues by 5 percent year-over-year (plus or minus 2 percentage points). The impact of the coronavirus pandemic can result in a deviation from this expectation and can lead to a noticeable decline in revenue compared to the last fiscal year. The anticipated reduction in revenue will weigh on Infineon's profitability in the 2020 fiscal year, as underutilization charges will go up further compared to the original assessment. At the same time, existing cost containment measures will be continued and actions to safeguard profitability and strengthen cash-flow generation will have high priority. Over the long run, however, structural growth drivers such as electro-mobility, IoT or renewable energy remain intact, or might even be accelerated as a consequence of an overcome coronavirus crisis. At this point in time, given the uncertainty regarding the severity and the length of the pandemic's economic impact, the specific implications on sales and earnings for the 2020 fiscal year can not be reliably assessed or quantified.
Source: Company Website

March 05 2020: Infineon collaborates with Qualcomm to enable high-quality standard solution for 3D authentication
Munich, Germany - 5 March 2020 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) worked with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to develop a reference design for 3D authentication based on the Qualcomm(Registered) Snapdragon(TradeMark) 865 Mobile Platform. Infineon is thus extending its application portfolio of its 3D sensor technology for mobile devices. The reference design uses the REAL3(TradeMark) 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor and enables a standardized, cost-effective and easy-to-design integration for smartphone manufacturers. Infineon has been successfully active with its 3D ToF sensor technology in the mobile device market for four years. Already at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the company has introduced the world's smallest (4.4 mm x 5.1 mm) yet most powerful 3D image sensor with VGA resolution. It meets highest requirements for face authentication, enhanced photo features and authentic augmented reality experiences.
Source: Company Website

February 05 2020: Infineon Technologies: Q1 FY 2020: revenue decline as predicted, Segment Result Margin developed positively, cost-reduction measures taking effect, outlook for 2020 fiscal year confirmed
Neubiberg, Germany, 5 February 2020 - Infineon Technologies AG is today reporting results for the first quarter of the 2020 fiscal year (period ended 31 December 2019).
"Our well-diversified business performed robustly at the beginning of the fiscal year. Under difficult conditions, revenue fell in line with expectations. Our cost reduction measures are beginning to take effect. Those measures and several non-recurring factors caused the Segment Result to come in slightly better than expected," said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "Demand for the latest generation of our silicon microphones is growing dynamically. We are also seeing signs of improvement in individual areas such as the server business. Overall, however, we do not expect to see a broad based recovery of demand before the second half of the fiscal year. Our long-term growth drivers remain intact and we are making a crucial contribution to shaping the future of mobility and energy efficiency."
Source: Company Website

October 16 2019: Gesture control thanks to Infineon radar technology in Google Pixel 4 Smartphone
Whether for artificial intelligence, augmented reality or the Internet of Things - 5 billion people worldwide 1 will be using smart devices to sense their environment next year. Infineon Technologies AG has developed a 60 GHz radar chip, which enables a new form of interaction between users and their devices. Using an integrated antenna system, it senses the presence and movement of people and objects with high precision or measures distances and speeds. This chip is the base for Google's Soli technology and has now been integrated for the first time into a smartphone, so that it can also be controlled by gestures.
Source: Company Website

September 25 2019: Infineon Technologies AG starting bookbuilding process for inaugural dual-tranche EUR perpetual hybrid bond
Infineon Technologies AG ("Infineon") has decided today to initiate a bookbuilding procedure for a dual-tranche EUR hybrid bond (Regulation S). It comprises two perpetual tranches with non-call periods aligned to the first reset dates after 5.5 years and 8.5 years, respectively. Infineon will have customary early redemption rights, including if the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation ("Cypress") acquisition should not proceed to closing. Based on Infineon's current issuer rating of BBB (credit watch negative), S&P Global Ratings assigned a BB+ issue rating to the hybrid notes and expects to assign intermediate equity credit once the Cypress acquisition closes.
Source: Company Website

August 01 2019: Infineon performs well in challenging market environment - revenue and earnings meet expectations
Neubiberg, Germany, 1 August 2019 - Infineon Technologies AG is today reporting results for the third quarter of the 2019 fiscal year (period ended 30 June 2019).
"Infineon remains on course. Although the global economy remains sluggish, Group revenue again grew in the third quarter," stated Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "Demand was solid overall, despite the lack of significant growth momentum. Regardless of the ongoing unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, we still expect to achieve our targets for the current fiscal year. The underlying drivers of our future markets are very much intact and continue to provide good long-term growth prospects to Infineon."
Source: Company Website

March 14 2019: Dr. Sven Schneider to become CFO of Infineon on 1 May 2019
The Supervisory Board of Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has appointed Dr. Sven Schneider to become the CFO effective 1 May 2019. His contract will initially run for three years. Dr. Schneider is moving to Infineon from Linde AG, where he is currently Board Spokesman, CFO and Labor Director.
Schneider succeeds Dominik Asam, who will be moving to Airbus SE on 1 April. During the one-month transition period, the Chief Executive Officer of Infineon Technologies AG Dr. Reinhard Ploss will manage the company's finance organization. As Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Schneider will be in charge of Accounting & Reporting, Financial Controlling, Financial Planning, Investor Relations, Taxes, Treasury, Auditing, Compliance, Export Control, Risk Management, Business Continuity, and Information Technology.
"In Dr. Sven Schneider we are gaining a proven financial expert as our new CFO. He has performed impressively in his previous positions. We are confident that his broad qualifications and vast experience will help Infineon to continue on its successful path," says Dr. Eckart Sunner, Chairman of Infineon's Supervisory Board.
Infineon CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss says: "We very much look forward to welcoming Dr. Schneider to the Management Board. With his expertise and his personality, he will strengthen us excellently. Together we will continue to pursue Infineon's goal of generating sustained profitable growth while helping to shape the future."
"I am delighted to be joining the Infineon Management Board in a few weeks' time. Microelectronics is the key to a better future, and Infineon plays a decisive role in this with its products in important growth markets. I want to continue to write this success story together with the Infineon employees," says Dr. Sven Schneider, the designated Infineon CFO.

February 24 2019: Featuring Infineon's Time-of-Flight technology, LG's smartphone G8ThinQ securely recognizes your face
In a market where it is difficult for manufacturers to differentiate their products, the new 2019 LG G8 ThinQ is about to turn the tide. For the first time, a smartphone with a dedicated user-facing time-of-flight (ToF) camera is entering the mass market. Highly secure authentication for both unlocking the phone and for confirming payments is enabled by the REAL3(TradeMark) image sensor chip from Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY). The front camera builds on the leading expertise of Infineon and pmdtechnologies in algorithms for processed 3D point clouds, a set of data points in space produced by 3D scanning.
While other 3D technologies utilize complex algorithms to calculate an object's distance from the camera lens, the REAL3 image sensor chip delivers more accurate measurements by capturing infrared light as it is reflected off the user or scanned object. As a result, ToF is faster and more effective in ambient light, reducing the workload on the application processor. This, in turn, lowers power consumption. "Together with Infineon, LG Electronics is making authentication more convenient and more secure," says Chang Ma, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Strategy at LG Mobile Communications Company. "We are convinced that the REAL3 ToF technology is the most suitable for 3D authentication. It enables further breathtaking features that other smartphones couldn't provide with the usual technologies so far.
Source: Company Website

February 07 2019: LG and Infineon to introduce LG G8ThinQ with front-facing Time-of-Flight camera
Munich, Germany, and Seoul, Korea, 7 February 2019 - LG Electronics and Infineon Technologies AG have teamed up to introduce leading edge Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to smartphone selfie photo lovers world over.
Infineon's REAL3(TradeMark) image sensor chip will play a key role in the front-facing camera of the upcoming LG G8 ThinQ, to be unveiled in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress 2019. Building upon the combined expertise of Infineon and pmdtechnologies in algorithms for processed 3D point clouds (a set of data points in space produced by 3D scanning), the innovative sensor will deliver a new level of front camera capability in a smartphone.
While other 3D technologies utilize complex algorithms to calculate an object's distance from the camera lens, the ToF image sensor chip delivers more accurate measurements by capturing infrared light as it is reflected off the subject. As a result, ToF is faster and more effective in ambient light, reducing the workload on the application processor thereby also reducing power consumption.
And due to its fast response speed, ToF technology is widely used in various biometric authentication methods, such as face-recognition. What's more, because ToF sees objects in 3D and is not affected by light from external sources, it delivers an excellent recognition rate, both indoors and out, ideal for implementation in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.
Source: Company Website

February 06 2019: Infineon closes December quarter with revenue down as forecast and earnings slightly better than expected. Slowing global economic momentum dampens outlook: revenue predicted to remain stable in March quarter
Q1 FY 2019: revenue EUR1,970 million, seasonal quarter-on-quarter decrease of 4 percent; Segment Result EUR359 million; Segment Result Margin 18.2 percent Outlook for Q2 FY 2019: based on an assumed exchange rate of US$ 1.15 to the euro, revenue stable quarter-on-quarter (plus or minus 2 percentage points) and Segment Result Margin of 16 percent at mid-point of revenue guidance Outlook for FY 2019: given developments in the first two quarters, revenue growth now expected at the lower end of the forecast range, which corresponds to year-on-year growth of 9 percent at an assumed exchange rate of US$ 1.15 to the euro. At this revenue level, the Segment Result Margin should come in at about 17.5 percent Investments in FY 2019: planned investments to be reduced by between EUR100 million and EUR200 million in light of slower rate of growth
Neubiberg, Germany, 5 February 2019 - Infineon Technologies AG today reports results for the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year (period ended 31 December 2018).
"So far we have been able to master the challenges of an increasingly difficult business environment well," stated Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "Despite market headwinds, we expect to be able to grow by about 9 percent in the 2019 fiscal year and gain further market share on the back of healthy structural growth drivers. Our long-term growth prospects remain intact. We will therefore continue to pursue core projects such as the construction of the 300-millimeter cleanroom in Villach, but moderately reduce investments in manufacturing equipment."
Source: Company Website

January 19 2019: Infineon first chipmaker to be named "Partner of The Year" by Hyundai for cooperation in electro-mobility
Munich, Germany, and Seoul, Korea - 18 January 2019 - Semiconductors are a key enabler for electro-mobility: Hyundai Kia Motors Company named Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) "Partner of the Year 2018" for providing power modules used in hybrid and electric cars. Infineon is the first chipmaker to receive the award since it was established in 2002. Seung Soo Scott Lee, Managing Director of Infineon Technologies Korea, accepted it during a ceremony on the Korean Jeju Island. In total, the world's fifth largest car manufacturer honored 23 companies in 14 different categories, Infineon being one of only two partners in the category "Overseas Supplier".
Source: Company Website

December 05 2018: Infineon grieves for Wolfgang Mayrhuber
Munich, Germany - 03 December 2018 - Wolfgang Mayrhuber, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Infineon Technologies AG, died last Saturday at the age of 71 after a serious illness.
"The death of Wolfgang Mayrhuber fills us at Infineon with great sorrow. Our thoughts are with his relatives. Our deepest sympathy goes to his family," said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon. "Wolfgang Mayrhuber has had a decisive influence on the recent history of our company as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, through his personality and experience. With him, Infineon has become more successful and more international. For me personally, Wolfgang Mayrhuber has been a valuable companion for many years. We will miss his great support, his advice and his likeable style at Infineon".
Source: Company Website

November 05 2018: Infineon at electronica 2018: Electromobility is being made fit for long distances, drones are coming of age, and robots are becoming agile
Munich, 5 November 2018 ' Infineon Technologies AG gives answers to the major questions related to digitization: How can clean energy be produced and how does it get into the electric car quickly and with low losses? What makes servers more efficient as we transfer more and more data to the cloud? How suitable are robots already for use in everyday life? And how do we protect ourselves in a connected world against attackers from cyberspace? Together with customers and strategic partners, Germany's largest semiconductor manufacturer is working on solutions for the connected world of tomorrow. Infineon will showcase the connection between the real and digital worlds at booth 503 in Hall C3 at electronica 2018, from 13 to 16 November.
Source: Company Website

October 25 2018: Infineon Technologies: World's first TPM for cybersecurity in the connected car
Munich, Germany - 24 October 2018 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is enabling a crucial step toward greater cybersecurity in the connected car. The Munich-based company is the world's first semiconductor manufacturer to put a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specifically for automotive applications on the market. The new OPTIGA(TradeMark) TPM 2.0 protects communication between the car manufacturer and the car which increasingly turns into a computer on wheels. A number of car manufacturers already designed in Infineon's OPTIGA TPM.
The TPM is a hardware-based security solution that has proven its worth in IT security. By using it, car manufacturers can incorporate sensitive security keys for assigning access rights, authentication and data encryption in the car in a protected way. The TPM can also be updated so that the level of security can be kept up to date throughout the vehicle's service life.
Source: Company Website

August 02 2018: Infineon and Alibaba Cloud Sign MoU on Internet of Things (IoT)
Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) and Alibaba Cloud Computing Company (Alibaba Cloud) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the joint promotion of IoT applications within the fields of smart life and smart industry. Infineon and Alibaba will thus facilitate the digital upgrade of Chinese enterprises and cities.
As an active promoter and practitioner of Industry 4.0, Infineon will rely on its own core technology and service advantages in the field of IoT to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud on its IoT operating system, AliOS Things, and provide technical services. Additionally, with the acceleration of the IoT application process, new requirements are also placed on system security. As part of this collaboration, the two parties will further explore the planning, implementation and security standards of the IoT, enabling SMEs and individuals to deploy and access Alibaba Cloud in a low-cost, highly reliable manner. This will enable the participants to share in the development dividend of the IoT, while protecting them from losses caused by security risks. The two companies also plan to collaborate on e-commerce channels.
Based on this, both parties will make use of Alibaba Cloud's integration capabilities and successful experiences in IoT and work together to create advanced and secure IoT solutions. This will help upgrade and transform the smart digitalization of SMEs, allowing them to manage the entire production process through digital means.
"The construction and improvement of the IoT ecosystem requires gathering the advantageous resources and power of all parties," said Wei Ku, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud IoT. "This partnership combines Alibaba Cloud's capabilities in operating systems with Infineon's semiconductor technology solutions.

Peer Group Analysis & Ranking

Global Peer Group (all figures in $): Key Financials

In its Global Peer Group of 9 companies IFX is ranked third by Total Assets, fourth by Revenue and fifth by MCap, PV $1000 (1 yr), Net Profit.
Name (Code)MCapPV $1000 (1 yr)RevenueNet ProfitTotal Assets
Rank of IFX55453
Infineon Technologies (IFX)50.1B1,667.810B431.2M25.8B
SK Hynix (A000660)64.4B1,277.227B4B60.3B
NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)60.5B1,838.38.6B52M19.8B
Mediatek (2454)54.6B1,869.011.6B1.5B19.2B
Marvell Technology (MRVL)51.9B1,674.03B(277.3M)10.8B
Microchip Technology (MCHP)41.9B1,710.05.4B349.4M16.5B
Xilinx (XLNX)39B1,600.33.1B646.5M5.5B
Foxconn Industrial Internet - A Share (601138)36.5B993.066.8B2.7B34.9B
Will Semiconductor (603501)33.6B1,510.83.1B418.5M3.5B

Global Peer Group: Relative Value Indicators
IFX is ranked fourth by P/S and sixth by Div Yld (%).
Name (Code)Country CodeLast PriceDiv Yld (%)P/EP/SP/Book
Rank of IFX64
Infineon Technologies (IFX)DEEUR37.620.595.0
SK Hynix (A000660)KRKRW104,500.01.1215.02.41.6
NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)US$216.690.9557.86.1
Mediatek (2454)TWTWD959.03.8636.94.75.1
Marvell Technology (MRVL)US$63.070.3817.6
Microchip Technology (MCHP)US$166.080.977.7
Xilinx (XLNX)US$159.670.2459.312.216.9
Foxconn Industrial Internet - A Share (601138)CNCNY11.872.1111.90.52.3
Will Semiconductor (603501)CNCNY250.00.1383.310.933.7

BuySellSignals Fundamentals Valuation Ranking: Infineon Technologies vs German Market

Out of 1,975 stocks and 19 units in the German Market, Infineon Technologies is ranked Thirty-ninth by Revenue, 179th by P/Sales, 1049th by Discount to 52-Wk High and 1080th by Net Profit $.
German AvgIFXIFX RankRank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Revenue $9.3 B10 B39261.2 B VOW180.9 B DAI140.1 B ALV
P/Sales0.9x4.99x179 0.1x CEC
Discount to 52-Wk High (%)1.41.5104997.6 O1E93.6 BKP93.6 ECX
Net Profit $443.3 M431.3 M1080236.8 B SSU62.9 B STO345.7 B APC
Yield (%)0.10.6133116.6 MSAG15.4 MWB15.01 DMRE
Total Debt/Equity (the lower the better)1.1x0.7x3620M3BKSD1NTO
EBITDA Margin%6.34.9454089.99 AT189.2 SL888.7 TEG

Negative values are shown in brackets.

Market Share

Infineon Technologies has a position of market dominance in the Semiconductors sector.
Infineon Technologies vs Semiconductors sector [Semiconductors sector Total in Brackets]
Revenue of EUR8.6 billion ($10 billion)[78.8% of aggregate sector revenue of EUR10.9 billion; up from 76.4% in the previous year.]
Net Profit of EUR368 million ($431.3 million) [72.2% of aggregate sector net profit of EUR527.9 million; up from 71.0% in the previous year.]
EBIT of EUR424 million ($497 million) [69.1% of aggregate sector EBIT of EUR634.3 million; down from 73.0% in the previous year.]

Share in Index

Infineon Technologies is a constituent of the following indices. Its market capitalisation accounts for 3.6% of the combined MCap of the DAX Index.
Index NameMCap of Index ($ B)MCap as % of Index
DAX Index1,411 3.6
L-DAX Index1,421 3.5
DAX (Kursindex) Index1,453 3.4
HDAX (Performance) Index1,794 2.8

Global Rank [out of 47,529 stocks] and Rank of Infineon Technologies in the Europe Region [out of 7,617 stocks]

DescriptionValueGlobal RankIn Eur Region
MCap ($)50.1B39885
Total Assets ($)25.8B1,616314
Revenue ($)10B1,385287
Net Profit ($)431.2M2,036406
Return on Equity %3.621,2653,302
Net Profit Margin %4.317,9112,643
Price to Book102.935,1694,755
Yield %0.619,2513,214
PV1000 (1Year) $*1,66812,7742,135
$* Change (1Year) %62.412,4682,097

* 1 year ago EUR 1 = $ 1.16
Sep 27, 2021: EUR 1 equals $ 1.17

Rank of Infineon Technologies in the DAX Index [out of 29 stocks], in the Total German Market [out of 596 stocks] and in the Semiconductors sector [out of 9 stocks]

DescriptionValueIn DAX IndexIn Total German MarketIn Semiconductors sector
MCap (EUR)42.7B10161
Total Assets (EUR)22B25461
Revenue (EUR)8.6B23481
Net Profit (EUR)368M24531
Return on Equity %3.6243316
Net Profit Margin %4.3192336
Yield %0.6252982
PV1000 (1Year) EUR1,65831648

Long-Term Fundamental Ranking: 4 out of 5 [5 is best]

Infineon Technologies is ranked number 9 out of 48 listed semiconductors companies in the Germany with a market capitalization of EUR42.7 billion ($50.1 billion).

It has a moderate relative ROE of 3.6% and ROA of 1.7%.
Stocks are scored on a set of parameters reflecting fundamental analytical tools involving valuation, size and financial performance. They are ranked according to the average values of those parameters. The highest ranking is 5 and the lowest ranking is 1.


Number of Patents Issued to Infineon Technologies by the US Patent Office and the European Patent Office

A total of 5,030 patents were issued to Infineon Technologies in the last seven years. In the past year 752 patents were issued, 1.0 times average of 719 patents per year.
12 months ended Sep 27No. of Patents Issued

Rank by patents issued in the past 12 months: Infineon Technologies vs GERMANY stocks

Infineon Technologies's ranked 1 by US Patents issued in the past year out of 1,437 Germany listed companies. A total of 5,883 US patents were issued to Germany listed companies in the past year, an average of 4.1 patents per company. Infineon Technologies received 542 US Patents in the past 12 months, 132 times average.

Patents issued to Infineon Technologies by the US PTO and the EPO on same inventions in the past year

In the past 12 months the following 12 patents were issued by the USPTO and the European Patent Office (EPO) to Infineon Technologies.

To view details, click on the "Patent No." link
Communication Using Edge Timing In A Signal10,958,412; 23 Mar, 2021DE102021100936 (A1); 21 Jul, 2021
Control System For Process Data And Method For Controlling Process Data10,996,956; 04 May, 2021US2021271483A1; 02 Sep, 2021
Demagnetization Sensing For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive11,088,643; 10 Aug, 2021EP3876419 (A1); 08 Sep, 2021
Detecting Led Failure Conditions10,945,323; 09 Mar, 2021US10945323 (B1); 09 Mar, 2021
Distributed Radar Sensor System10,996,311; 04 May, 2021US2021255278A1; 19 Aug, 2021
Electronic System And Processor Substrate Having An Embedded Power Device Module11,071,206; 20 Jul, 2021EP3809460 (A1); 21 Apr, 2021
Integrated Circuit10,998,276; 04 May, 2021DE102020105474 (A1); 02 Sep, 2021
Intelligent Semiconductor Switch10,897,247; 19 Jan, 2021DE102020105094 (A1); 02 Sep, 2021
Semiconductor Device And Method For Forming A Semiconductor Device10,892,168; 12 Jan, 2021DE102014019916 (B3); 06 May, 2021
Semiconductor Wafers And Semiconductor Devices With Barrier Layer And Methods Of Manufacturing10,833,218; 10 Nov, 2020US2020365754 (A1); 19 Nov, 2020
Switched Capacitor Driving Circuits For Power Semiconductors10,903,829; 26 Jan, 2021EP3754847 (A1); 23 Dec, 2020
System And Method For Calibrating A Frequency Doubler10,911,165; 02 Feb, 2021EP3843269 (A2); 30 Jun, 2021


ADVT: Average Daily Volume of shares Traded
Annual Return: Dividends Paid In a 12-Month Period/Price at the Beginning of the Period + Capital Gain or Loss over 1 Year/Price 1 Year Ago (%)
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabiliites (times)
Dividend Yield: Dividend Per Share/Share Price (%)
EBIT Margin : Earnings Before Interest and Tax/Revenue (%)
Earnings Yield: Earnings Per Share/Share Price (%)
Income during the n years (3/2/1): Dividends received during the Period
Moving Average Price (n periods): Sum of Prices for each Period/Number of Periods
PV1000: Present value of 1000 invested 1 year/'n' years ago
Price Close/Moving Avg Price: Latest Price/Moving Average Price
Price/Earnings: Share Price/Earnings Per Share (times)
Price/NTA: Closing Share Price/Net Tangible Assets Per Share (times)
Price/Sales: Share Price/Sales Per Share (times)
Relative Price Change [RPC]: Relative price change is price change of stock with respect to Benchmark Index
Relative Strength (6 Months): Price close today/Price close 6 months ago, then ranked by percentile within the entire market.
Return on Assets: Net Profit/Total Assets (%)
Return on Equity (Shareholders' Funds): Net Profit/Net Assets (%)
TSR: Total Shareholder Returns is expressed as an annualized rate of return for shareholders after allowing for capital appreciation and dividend
TTM: Trailing 12 Months
Total Liabilities/Total Assets: Total Liabilities/Total Assets
Volume Index (VI): Number of shares traded in the period/Average number of shares traded for the period
Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP): The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the summation of turnover divided by total volume in the same period.

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